Dr. Rod Rohrich: Facial Transformation Techniques

The Lord rewards those who are good, and some good people want to make their faces appear younger and more beautiful. Dr. Rod Rohrich is a world renown plastic surgeon whose precision and expertise in reconstructive surgeries make him a sought after professional and educator. Dr Rod Rohrich is currently a professor at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. In December, 2014 Dr. Rod Rohrich presented to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) a lecture titled “Understanding and Utilizing Facial Fat Compartments in Fat Grafting.” This is a worldwide organization of respected peers and scholars.

Dr Rod Rohrich’s lecture focused on how facial transformation procedures are changing as more is discovered about how to use the facial structure and fat underneath the skin in face lifts. Dr. Rohrich revealed important information and techniques to help the surgeons in attendance successfully implement this knowledge in future procedures.

Dr. Rod Rohrich explain that facelifts of the past are entirely different today. Each approach is different based on each patient’s unique aging process. Surgeons should consider how a person ages and their facial anatomical structure when planning facial rejuvenation procedures. His audience listened as he explain a face lift technique that tightens the skin and then uses fat deposits from the patient’s body to fill specific areas of the face creating a subtle youthful appearance.

June 2014, Dr Rod Rohrich was also asked to speak at the Harvard University. He was that year’s Varaztad H. Kazanjian Visiting Professor and this is a prestigious honor to be chosen as a lecturer. Dr. Varaztad H Kazanjian was Harvard’s first plastic surgeon professor. He is considered one of the pioneers of modern plastic surgery.

Audiences everywhere are fascinated with Dr. Rohrich approach and advances in reconstructive facial improvements. He believes that after a procedure people shouldn’t look different but should look like their younger selves. He asks his patients to bring photographs of when they were younger so that he can perfectly plan his procedures and techniques.

Dr. Rohrich brings to the table an air of artistry and perfection. He is doctor who is enduring and cares deeply about his patients and the end result. His never ending search for improving how plastic surgery is performed, and his generosity in sharing knowledge and techniques with his peers is an admirable quality.

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