Dr. Akhil Reddy’s Guide to Dressing Stylistically under the Lab Coat

It is required for professionals working in the laboratories or hospitals to put on a lab coat. Some people may find it frustrating given that they have to keep the white coat in mind whenever they are choosing what to put on. While there is no fashion stated in wearing the lab coat, its importance cannot be understated. It is protective to the clothes ensuring that no harm comes to your favorite items. Accidents such as spill overs are possible therefore the lab coat becomes a requirement. It is, however, possible for an individual to keep up their sense of style and at the same time put on the lab coat.

Before dashing into having some style makeovers, it is important for individuals to always keep in mind the dress code as stipulated by the work place. Given that the first impression lasts, it is necessary to create a perfect one, especially for the clients. At first glance, the customers should see an individual who is capable of doing their job perfectly. Dr. Akhil Reddy recommends that one puts on a shirt and a tie. With this outfit, one looks stylish even when in the white coat. Another combination that he recommends is the business casual which is comprised of a shirt without a tie. The versatility of this outfit cannot be understated since one can choose to put on a sweater, a blazer or even a sports jacket with your shirt and trousers. You can also opt to skip all and rock the shirt alone. With this particular look, one is both stylish and comfortable.

A combination of Khakis and a dress shirt is yet another outfit recommended by Dr. Akhil Reddy. It not only helps one showcase their style but also gives one an easy feeling. He recommends that every man have this outfit since it is not difficult to rock. It also has a provision of choosing a variety of shoes that are in line with the workplace dress code. With this dressing, one can work on long shift without having to worry about what you are putting on. Dr. Akhil Reddy affords this and much more advice since he has been in the dentistry industry for many years. He readily shares knowledge about finding great wines. On wines, Dr. Akhil mainly focuses on areas that are not prominent because the pricing is a little low. He recommends that one picks up wine from estates that are well known rather than famous names.

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