Dog Food Products Made with Homestyle and International Flavors

A recent article focused on the recent changes made within the dog food industry. The article featured facebook comments from some of the corporate heads of several leading dog food companies. The overall tone of the article indicated the changes made in the formulas used to create dog food products, led to the increase in sales of these same products. The new changes incorporate pieces of real food, making the new recipes very similar to the foods people prepare for themselves. Some companies have expanded their lines to meet the increased interest shown by pet owners, to serve their pets dishes that resemble their own favorite recipes. The resulting products now feature Italian, Mediterranean and home style varieties for dog food.
Flavorful Varieties From Beneful

Beneful is a line of dog food that has always based its recipes on good nutrition, as well as good flavor. To meet the needs of today’s pet owner, Beneful now offers several nutritious products in recipes made to replicate those used by people. Pet owners who want to give their dogs a taste of homestyle cooking can choose from several varieties of Beneful wet food products. This line offers beef stew, chicken stew and a simmered beef entree. Each product contains real pieces of meat and vegetables to provide a dog with all the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

Dog owners who prefer giving their pets a taste of other cultures can choose one of the international varieties available from this PurinaStore brand. These products include their Mediterranean, Romana and Tuscan style medleys. As with the homestyle varieties, these products contain real bits of beef, lamb and chicken, as well as chunks of carrots, tomatoes and spinach. To further enhance the taste of their international varieties the products also contain rice, pasta and savory sauces. These‘s products are sure to win the hearts of both dog owners and dogs with their delicious and nutritious formulas. Their products are available online:

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