Does Stem Cell Replacement for COPD Work?

If you have COPD, you know what it’s like to be out of breath and in panic, even doing some of the simply things that you use to take for granted. Taking a shower becomes a major task. Sometimes, even getting up out of the bed becomes a task in its own right. You’ve likely tried all the therapies: oxygen, steroid inhalers, the hand held emergency inhalers, nebulizers, medications, exercise, and breathing exercises. These things will delay the inevitable, but it will not make it go away. They will help your life more comfortable, it’s true. But nothing, absolutely nothing, will ever replace a deep, strong, oxygen-enriched breath of air!

That is what stem cell replacement therapy, developed by the Lung Institute, will do for you. The Lung Institute has spread from their humble beginnings of one clinic in Tampa, Florida, to a number of clinics throughout the country. Everyone can now find a way to go to a nearby clinic and enjoy the benefits of this new therapy.

People fear that the stem cell replacement is a long, complicated, operation. It is not. According to, it is non-invasive, and uses the patient’s own stem cells, not the cells from a donor. Stem cells are harvested from your blood or fatty tissue, and then replaced to a location where they will do the most good. It’s a relatively simple procedure, and will benefit the patient for years to come.

Call the Lung Institute and ask for a brochure, visit their website or Facebook( and see it for yourself. You deserve it. Be good to yourself. Do yourself a favor, and call the Lung Institute.

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