Doctor Sergio Cortes Success In The Health Industry

Sergio Cortes is a Brazilian doctor who holds a degree in surgery. Cortes graduated from Souza Marques University. Cortes is an experienced and professional in health services. Sergio focuses mostly on people’s health and welfare.
Cortes is a 44 years old doctor, happily married with three children. He has been serving as the Health Secretary since 2007.
Cortes acted as the Executive Officer of Bone Transplantation department for four years. Cortes has also worked as a medical officer of Rio de Janeiro Fire Department.
Recently, Sergio Cortes received a promotion from being a secretary of health and civil defense to be the minister of health in Rio de Janeiro. Doctor Sergio Cortes received the reward from the elected president, Rousseff. Cortes is expected to bring development and significant changes in the healthcare industry. His experience in the field will benefit the Brazilian citizens.
Sergio Cortes served as the Brazilian volleyball team doctor for nine years. From 1994 to 2000, he worked in the global volleyball federation.
Brazil country is emerging both economically and socially. Brazil will host the 2016 Olympics. These Olympics will attract many tourists into the country. Sergio Cortes concerns on health conditions of Brazilian citizens for past years have been impressive. Having an experience with the volleyball team as the medical doctor, Cortes will be the leading doctor on checking matters in the Olympics.
Brazilian healthcare industry encountered an average rank by the World Health Organization due to the commitment and hard work with the health professionals in Brazil.
Cortes commitments in the medical wellbeing of the citizens have been evidenced. Cortes organizes healthcare awareness and seminars to train people on the importance of maintaining health standards.
Cortes opened a website that expounds more on health issues and safety. He also offers advice on the eradication of diseases affecting the citizens for a strong and healthy life.
His passion for helping fellow citizens and associating with other doctors at the international level to curb deadly diseases was recently recognized by Committee of the Noble Prize. His website has also promoted awareness of health issues.
Cortes also focuses on emerging trends and issues in the health industry. He embraces technology and encourages the discovery of new drugs and medical equipment.
In conclusion, Sergio Cortes dedications and significant efforts to improve the Brazil Healthcare department have been recognized by many. Brazil will soon get a better rank position in the World Health Organization rankings.

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