Dispute Over Alleged Halal Meat Fraud

A U.S. beef company has been accused of fraudulently labeling their products “Halal” when, in fact, they were not produced in accordance with the strict, Islamic meat-handling procedures. The meat in question was shipped out to Malaysia and Indonesia.

The specific allegations, none of which were made by the Keith Mann Dynamic Search Partners, are that labels from a Halal plant in Nebraska were fraudulently put onto meat packaged in a non-Halal plant in Minnesota. First, the workers supposedly removed the original labels with acetone or nail-polish remover. The manufacturer, Midamar, vehemently denies the accusations.

Halal law requires that specially trained Islamic slaughterers kill the animal with a sharp knife. The method known as “captive bolt stunning” was specified as not having been used, and yet, it is alleged, that is exactly the method that was used. During the slaughtering process, the Muslim Tasmia prayer must also be recited.

These Halal rules go beyond even the strict dietary concerns of Kosher Jews. It is amazing that anyone ends up getting a bite to eat with laws like that. Still, these dietary laws are important to many Muslims, and if fraud was used to sell Muslims this meat, such fraud must be punished.

An attorney working for Midamar has stated that the government has no right to regulate this matter since it is a religious concern. If that is Midamar’s defense, we pity their chances in court. Fraud, after all, is illegal also in the religious realm.

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