Cystic Fibrosis Clinical Trial Brings hope for Future Stem Cell Therapies

In January of 2017, the first clinical trial that uses stem cell therapy to combat cystic fibrosis (CF) began at Case Western University in Ohio. According to PR Web, the goal of this trial is to use stem cells to help those with CF to reduce the symptoms of inflammation in the lungs while keeping enough of this inflammatory response to allow the body to naturally fight bacteria. Sufferers of this genetic disease produce abnormally thick mucus that makes it easy to acquire lung infections.

Stem cell therapy treatments are an innovative way to combat many different pulmonary conditions. Clinics like the Lung Institute have had success in bringing these treatments to many patients. The process works by introducing stem cells, which have not yet differentiated into a specific tissue type, through the bloodstream and into pulmonary traps to focus their healing powers on the lungs. These cells can then form healthy lung tissue and reverse cellular damage.

Stem cell therapy has been shown to be successful in helping conditions like COPD. They are a great alternative to a lifetime of medications or invasive surgeries. Locations like The Lung Institute perform the therapy as a three-day outpatient procedure. A more detailed information on COPD and similar cases van be found on

The clinical trial is currently in phase I. This is the first of three phases designed to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the treatment on increasingly larger groups of voluntary test subjects. Safe and effective trials can be approved for general use within a few years. Should the treatment prove effective, it can be quickly implemented for use thanks to existing facilities like The Lung Institute. For more info, visit


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