Common Orthopedic Surgeries and information on Orthopedic Surgeon Greg Finch

Orthopedic surgery helps to correct conditions that involve defective muscles and bones in the human body. Patients will need to see orthopedic surgeons which specializes on the specific muscle or bones which require treatments.

One common orthopedic procedure is ACL Reconstruction. ACL stands for the Anterior Cruciate Ligament, which is the major relaxing muscle of the knee. Orthopedic surgeons reconstruct this ligament when it tears, which can happen while the knee has been twisted the wrong way. The orthopedic surgeon will take out the torn ligament, using your own tissue to create a new ACL in the same location. Then the surgeon will connect the new muscle to the bone with screws or other devices to hold it in place. As the patient’s knee heals, the bone positions created by the surgeon to bring new tissue through will start filling in, securing the new ligament successfully.

Another common orthopedic surgery is Spine surgery. Ever-increasing back pains can impair a person’s day-to-day activity. The good thing about spine surgery is that it will improve a person’s quality of life by experiencing fewer pains and being able to go about with their daily activity and certain fitness routines.

Greg Finch is an Australian Orthopedic Surgeon, who spent two years training with world leaders in spine surgery in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Greg Finch trained at MBChB Auckland Medical School in 1991 and FRACS Royal College Surgeons Melbourne in 2001. He is especially persistent in permanent spine surgery and he enjoyed training in all phases of spinal surgery.

Greg Finch has expertise in Tests and procedures, Anterior spinal fusion, Cervical spinal surgery, Lumbar spinal surgery, and Spinal fusion. Patients who have seen Greg Finch highly recommend him because he is very experienced and he is a pleasure to talk to about their spinal conditions.

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