Cleaning Chum from the Water

The Digital Marketing Agency known as White Shark Media Complaints team crafts carefully tailored plans for fixing your online market problems. Founded fresh in 2011, White Shark Media went through the growing pains all new businesses do, ready to chew up the competition in an attempt to attack all their client needs with Adwords Search, Google Analytics, Display Advertising and the elusive Bing Ads.

White Shark Media puts its customer’s first, which of course means they have to recognize when they themselves are doing something wrong. And that’s just what they do in this article: they note the complaints they’ve received about themselves, analyzed them, and told the world just what they did about it.

The video below explains more:

A bunch of the complaints range from how well the client is able to track their progress using the system to being out of touch or otherwise losing hold of their account.

For the latter, White Shark Media took steps to ensure the client knew every detail of the module they were setting up for them. They scheduled meetings with their clients for simple communication based on a set timetable, using an online conference tool that would allow screen sharing, ensuring both parties involved saw the exact same thing at the same time. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

They installed direct lines of communication between client and dedicated contacts within their own company. Senior consultants work with and follow the client through the sign up and optimization phase, helping to acclimatize both the client and their contact to each other. The senior consultant remains in the wings, ready to swoop in and answer questions.

For the former, however, White Shark Media initiated an in-house system that permits tracking of conversations, calls, and google Analytics, aiding in better tracked results to help calibrate each design plan. Since having a working plan is the single most important thing White Shark Media can provide to their client, they are constantly looking for ways to improve the design for every customer they help.

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