ClassDojo Partners With Yale Center for Emotional Intelligent to Introduce Mindful Lessons in Schools

ClassDojo, a leading classroom communication app developer, has made learning not just fun but also mindful. Through a partnership deal with Yale Center for Emotional Intelligent, ClassDojo launched a mindful curriculum for learners across the world early this month. Children undertaking the curriculum will have a chance to take a deep breath and face life in a more relaxed manner. The curriculum will be rolled out in full swing for several coming weeks.


ClassDojo videos are used by over 90 percent of all elementary and middle school teachers in the United States. The videos also reach millions of school kids from different countries as their translated versions are available in more than 35 different languages.


Why Mindfulness Skills are Important


According to Prof. Marc Brackett of Yale Child Study Center, mindfulness skills aren’t sufficiently taught in many classrooms, despite the many benefits associated with such skills. A study done by American College Health Association’s students in 2013 showed that over 50 percent of school kids were stressed at school. Another study conducted in 2014 by the American Psychological Association revealed that about 1 out of 4 teenagers were extremely stressed in school. Last year, WebMD Survey established that 55 percent of parents were uncomfortable with stress levels in their children. Mindfulness skills in kids are, therefore, of paramount importance.


About ClassDojo


ClassDojo makes use of technological advancement to uplift education standards in the world by bringing together all education stakeholders. The ClassDojo communication app has in the recent past revolutionized classrooms from being dull to a fun-ridden place for kids.


ClassDojo has been in existence since 2011. It’s located in San Francisco, California but reaches out to teachers, parents, and students in over 180 countries.

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