Choose Well For Those Who Can’t

It’s not likely that a person’s dog is going to get the keys from the rack. It’s even more unlikely said dog will open the driver’s door and jump into the family’s minivan, hit the garage door opener, back the car out the garage, and drive all the way to the store in order to pick up its own food. Should the dog do that, it would be downright impossible for the excitable and mobile canine to keep from speeding through stoplights and intersections. Dogs just have a personality which excludes adherence to traffic parameters! But here’s what is likely: should the family dog sneak into the kitchen, grab the keys off the rack, creep into the garage, put them into the Subaru’s ignition, and drive to the store successfully, it is almost a certainty he’ll come back home with some Purina dog food in the back seat.

That’s because dogs love Purina; and it’s no wonder why. In fact, on Beneful alone, one of the premiere dog food varieties offered by Purina, the year 2013 saw over 40.7 million dollars spent, according to Kantar Media. Here is what that means to the reader: Purina cares enough about a single dog formula to spend literally millions ensuring that it is properly produced, properly constructed, and properly advertised. This means they are not just throwing together some slapdash solution that’s making profit from the waste at a factory. In olden times, the way organizations produced cat and dog food was to re-purpose production waste from other foods and sort of smash it together before bagging it. This was certainly not healthy for dogs! Thankfully, Purina has taken things a step farther.

Beneful dog food has a great selection of natural ingredients designed to keep your dog healthy and happy. The food is balanced so that it can comprise a complete diet for your furry friend, and allow them to be as energetic and enthusiastic as any dog ought to be.

There are no shortage of bottom-dollar options out there that will definitely save the buyer money against Purina. But what does that say about relationship? Does the dog’s love or well being really matter to an individual who only purchases the least expensive food option? It can’t mean much! What a sad testament to selfishness. Thankfully, there are options like Purina out there so that the individual who truly loves his animal can not only show that animal, but can see the difference good foods makes. It’s not a one-to-one comparison, but it is true what they say; and “you are what you eat” also has an accuracy when applied to canines. If they’re fed cheap, processed shenanigans, know then they’ll tear up the curtains and expectorate in the living room. Wouldn’t you, if all you had to eat was canned garbage?

So get that poor puppy some real food! The joy of a four-footed friend is worth quality options; and with Beneful from Purina, those options are realistic.

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