Joseph Bismark’s Spiritual Business

It took me a while to process what Joseph Bismark said in his own blog. It has changed my world. I started looking for more that I could learn about spirituality and business when I came across this article about Joseph Bismark featured on the Come on Valerie blog. It essentially says what the other articles have been saying. Joseph Bismark believes in adding spirituality to business. His beliefs have revolutionized business. He has utilized excellent leadership and great service which has been the major driving force behind the success of his company. Ever since he has joined the company around 2008, his ideas have brought out the best in the company.

Among the skills he has learned and used includes yoga instruction and martial arts. Joseph Bismark has certificates in philosophy and meditation. He obviously embraces spirituality. His childhood has shaped his views. He spent time in the mountains as a monk where he has learned all of the spiritual teachings.

Joseph Bismark has inspired me so much with his life story. He will continue to bring his business to new heights. The business industry is definitely in need of some spirituality so that it can be brought to the level needed for increased success and improved relationships. I admire his faith and discipline that he has shown to display according to the articles that I have read. Joseph Bismark continues to provide value to people with his RHYTHM Foundation. He works on projects with the sole purpose of bringing out the best in humanity.

A New Study Claims There is No Power in Believing

Believing in a higher power has long been considered to be beneficial to ones sense of overall well-being and mental health. Most of the psychological community agrees with this, in studies that have confirmed the positive benefits of belief. However, there is a new study that is challenging these theories regarding correlations between belief in a God and mental health.

The research was recently published in the journal Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, and claims people who have strict beliefs are just as happy and healthy as those who believe in nothing. The study does however suggest a person who has frequent changes in belief, or is insecure of their beliefs, may have a higher risk of suffering from a number of mental health issues.

The survey studied people from a wide variety of people from different religious backgrounds including Christians, Buddhists, Jews, agnostics, and atheists. Then, they asked the participants to answer questions relating to gratitude, happiness, overall life satisfaction.

The results might be a little surprising to some, showing people who have a strong belief in God are typically on the same level of mental health as those who have absolutely no belief. On the other hand, people with strict religious beliefs did experience more feelings of gratitude than non-believers did.

In order for believer Brad Reifler (read more at to take this study seriously further studies will have to be conducted. More research regarding the power of belief is necessary in order to change the currently accepted paradigm which is, a belief in a larger power leads to more happiness in ones life.