Futurist, Technologist, and Philanthropist –Jason Hope

He has passion in what he does as a technologist. However, he is not only a technologist but also a philanthropist and a futurist who mainly focuses his attention in technology industry. He is an American entrepreneur who advises the young and aspiring entrepreneurs to be focused on one project instead of indulging on several projects at a go. As an entrepreneur, a futurist as well as a technologist; Mr. Jason believes so much in the power of Internet of Things (IoT). He trusts that the power of internet of Things is the future of the modern community as the advancing numbers of devices become connected. Jason Hope is a strong believer of technology and trusts that technology is of a great benefit to both individuals as well as investment who wishes to exploit on technology in the future.

Jason Hope was born and grew in Temple., Arizona. After his High School graduation; Hope attended Arizona State University where he received his degree in Finance and later attended ASU’s W.P Carey School of Business. Mr. Jason is a philanthropist, who has invested so much in the education sector, biotechnology, as well as the health industry. Hope values the importance of education and he is a sponsor of learning both in and outside the classroom. Jason also supports those organizations which have a major influence on disease, cure, and prevention. In his humanitarian activities; Hope has worked with various organizations including; World Wide Orphans Foundation, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountains Chapter, the Family Health International, Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix, the Tony Hawk Foundation, Arizona Science Centre and True Colors Fund among others.

Jason Hope is also very passionate about the young people, their goals, as well as their future. Jason has a program that supports the young people who have big ideas but lack capital. He believes that the future of technology lays with great ideas which the young people have, has led him to offer assistance by providing grants for them to pursue their dreams as they bring innovation. Recently an interview was conducted and when asked how he brings his ideas; Jason Hope said that he has learned to keep things basic and avoid over complicating things and he also share the ideas with people close to him, and later works the project step by step. Mr. Jason believes that networking has helped him accomplish a lot in life. His advice to the young and aspiring technologist is to keep a close eye on the SEO, social media as well as internet marketing which are in high demand. Being a successful investor; Jason has also failed and he says when he established Mobile Technology. He encourages others not to dwell so much on their failures.

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Eric Pulier Utilizes Disruptive Technology in Newest Venture

What do you do when you fall in love with something at an early age? Well, ideally you follow it to where it leads you. For Eric Pulier his love of technology was precursor to career that he would chase throughout his childhood and into adulthood. Now, Pulier is working on some of the most exciting and innovative tech companies out in Silicon Valley. His work with the XPrize Foundation has been as riveting as anything else going on in the Valley and his latest venture with vAtomic Systems has been enlightening for the industry. How does a tech guru like this stay focused and stay on task?

Eric Pulier lives like many of us do. He’s the father of a happy group of children. He works full time — and then some while shifting time between his office and his home office. For Pulier the key to long term success essentially come down to his commitment to consistency. Pulier’s day is rigorously planned before he ever steps out of his front door. Keeping himself on task is a lesson that was hard earned and sweeter as a result. It is also something that every new and rising entrepreneur would do well to learn. For more info about us: https://www.facebook.com/eric.pulier click here.

Of course, Pulier’s focus has been a key aspect to his success but his vision has been more important. Pulier is focused on looking toward disruptive technological opportunities in order to find new ways into the industry. He commonly points to how Uber and Lyft utilized disruptive tech like Google Maps and API in order to create a completely new market for customers to engage in. In much the same way Pulier was informed toward his creation of vAtomic Systems.

For vAtomic Systems the focus has been to engage in mobile technology, utilize digital products, and push them into real life transactions. Micro-transactions are something most people are intimately familiar with by now. Pulier’s work with vAtomic Systems has been integral in terms of getting them out into the market. What Eric Pulier is going to do next is anyone’s best guess, but it’s likely to be successful if he follows this same path.

Jason Hope – Investing in the Future by Supporting Various Tech Startups

Jason Hope is one of the most noted entrepreneurs, businessmen, authors, and self-proclaimed futurists in the United States, based in Arizona. He writes regularly on various trends that influence the technology sector and continues to at the same time invest in different technology start-ups and companies he feels confident about. At present, Jason Hope is associated with the technology companies that are into developing effective mobile applications. Jason Hope, as one of the most famous futurists in the country, believes in the power of technology to help the way we do things today. Jason Hope believes that many aspects of our daily lives would change completely as the technology advances and new applications are made that makes life easier and more efficient.

One of the technologies that Jason Hope is very excited about is the Internet of Things technology. The Internet of Things technology helps in syncing different devices on a shared network that makes sharing information and data in real-time very easy. Such technology can find use in the personal lives as well as in various industries for commercial applications. Jason Hope believes that the utilization of the Internet of things technology would make it easier for the companies and the industries to perform better, avoid redundancies and errors, reduce the wastage of resources, save a considerable amount of time, and bring down the entire cost of operation down. It would help in making the end product or service cheaper, a benefit that can be passed on to the consumers. Visit his Facebook profile : https://www.facebook.com/public/Jason-Hope

Even though many industries are looking into the use of Internet of Things technology in their sector, the aviation industry has gone one step ahead and has already started using it. Even though not all the airline companies are using, some of the airline companies have the IoT integrated to their airlines, which helps in knowing in real time if there are any damages suffered by the engine or if the carrier needs any repairs. It helps in improving the safety levels of the airline and makes it easier for the technicians and ground staff to perform accurately and timely. Jason Hope holds MBA degree from the WP Carey School of Business.