The Kabbalistic Teachings and Beliefs

About the Kabbalah Center International

The Kabbalah Center is an international non-profit organization with its headquartered located in Los Angeles, California. The Kabbalah Center provides Kabbalistic teachings and the Zohar courses online as well as through study groups and regional-based centers across the world. It was founded in the United States by Rev Yehuda Ashlag and Philip Berg in 1965 as the National Research Institute of Kabbalah. The institute has a multi-ethnic, international teachers offering online and offline training and guidance to all its students worldwide.

The traditional Judaism held that the mystery of Kabbalah was sophisticated and easily misunderstood by students, mostly males. As such, they would be discouraged from approaching the Kabbalah teachings with a strong Jewish background until after 40 years of wisdom according to the Mishnah. In fact, some traditionalists perceived the Kabbalah Center as a perversion of the old and mysterious tradition of Judaism. As a non-profit organization, the Kabbalah Center International is exempted from federal income tax.

Belief in astrology

The Kabbalah tradition asserts that astrology has been part of Judaism and that astrology was studied by the Jewish scholars throughout the middles ages. However, belief in astrology was opposed by some philosophically inclined thinkers like Maimonides. According to the Kabbalah traditions, cosmic forces affects everything and aspirants of Kabbalah should do everything within their capacity to understand them.


According to Yehuda Berg, a former teacher at Kabbalah Center, men should refrain from masturbating as sperms reproduced without sex does not serve its purpose. Furthermore, Yehuda Berg discourages men not to orgasm before women as it orgasm before women as it injects selfishness during the act of making love. Other Yehuda’s thoughts on sex are that men should not orgasm with the women positioned above them, as women draw energies from below instead of above and that people derive most light from sex that occurs after Saturday midnight.

How Kabbalah Center relates to religion

According to Kabbalistic views, all widely held religious and spiritual beliefs reflects universal wisdom. As such, religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism and Islam resembles Kabbalah’s teachings. As such, presents itself as a supplement to other faiths and not as an alternative

Joseph Bismark and QI Group Recognized for Sustainability

United Nations Global Compact
Joseph Bismark is in the news again. He has accepted a certificate for becoming a Member and Sigatory of the UN Global Compact. It is Qnet that has been noted to be a member of the UNGC. This story has originally been released through Yahoo Finance. QI is the parent company ofQNet.

Responsible and Sustainable Business Practices
QI had made a pledge to incorporate and adopt responsible and sustainable business practices. This is under a 2015 United Nations initiative. There is a strategic policy initiative in place by the UNGC. This is for any business that is fully committed to aligning all of their operations and strategies. The alignment would be with ten of the universally accepted principles. These areas include:
*human rights
QI did partake in this initiative. They did this in order to clearly show that they are a company that is completely committed to good practice. This practice is for sustainable business as well as social success. This also includes development.

A Great Honor and a Privilege
Mr. Bismark will make the claim that it is truly a great honor as well as a privilege to become a registered member of the UNGC. The QI Group is indeed very committed to improve the companies function in the areas of human and labour rights. This is a company that ought to take pride in their alignment with the universally accepted principles. It was Ms. Ursula Wynhoven, Chief Governance and Social Sustainability, who presented the certificate to Mr. Joseph Bismark who is the Group Managing Director of the QI Group. This is an opportunity that has the chance to adopt a policy framework that is a globally recognized policy. This is a company that has earned recognition for their commitment.

About The Founding Director
Mr. Joseph Bismark had assumed the role of Group Managing Director in the year 2008. He is the founding director of the QI Group. This is a man who has had a grand desire to pursue wisdom and knowledge in his life. He is an intriguing individual who has a broad range of interests. He is a deeply spiritual man who is devoted to the Lord. He believes that human beings are not only about their physical bodies. Each person is really identified as a spirit and a soul. It is very clear that he is a man who indeed believes in universal principals in every area including business.

QI Group President Joseph Bismark Shares Secrets of Health And Success

As reported by Yahoo News, entrepreneur, spiritual adviser and QI Group developer Joseph Bismark gives advise on how to maintain a healthy living.

Bismark is completely devoted to living a healthy lifestyle. He has been a proponent of the holistic approach to wellness and health. Bismark says that part of his routine is to exercise daily. He swims, runs, practices yoga and uses kettle bells to stay lean and strong. Bismark also uses an app that tracks every aspect of his workout — calories burned, running/walking distance, speed and pace.

Yoga is the key to life, according to Bismark. He not only practices it, he teaches it at the Singapore school of Meditation and Yoga. Bismark says that people should keep their minds as sharp as their body. For that reason, he uses the web-based app Luminosity, which has a full line of scientific-based brain games to keep the brain engaged.

Bismark was born in the Philippines in a comfortable, middle-class home. He was taken from that environment and placed in the mountains with Filipino monks. He learned a great deal about spirituality, a more simple way of life and humility. He left the monks at the age of 17 and took his teachings into the real world.

The values he learned with the monks is the same approach he applied to his business practices. He believes that all good leaders should possess strength and humility. His powerful vision and core values makes him one of the most respected and revered businessmen in the industry. Bismark has always believed in giving back to his community and feels that philanthropy can also influence others.

Bismmark is co-founder of the QI Group with his business partner Vijay Eswaran. The Group has a number of companies under its umbrella including the highly-successful Qnet. Bismark’s spirituality and common sense business practices are legendary in the industry. It is his goal to continue to grow as a person and help others achieve the same level of spiritual awakening. He continues to instill the importance of integrity when running a business and believes that anyone can duplicate his success as long as they have proper encouragement.

A New Study Claims There is No Power in Believing

Believing in a higher power has long been considered to be beneficial to ones sense of overall well-being and mental health. Most of the psychological community agrees with this, in studies that have confirmed the positive benefits of belief. However, there is a new study that is challenging these theories regarding correlations between belief in a God and mental health.

The research was recently published in the journal Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, and claims people who have strict beliefs are just as happy and healthy as those who believe in nothing. The study does however suggest a person who has frequent changes in belief, or is insecure of their beliefs, may have a higher risk of suffering from a number of mental health issues.

The survey studied people from a wide variety of people from different religious backgrounds including Christians, Buddhists, Jews, agnostics, and atheists. Then, they asked the participants to answer questions relating to gratitude, happiness, overall life satisfaction.

The results might be a little surprising to some, showing people who have a strong belief in God are typically on the same level of mental health as those who have absolutely no belief. On the other hand, people with strict religious beliefs did experience more feelings of gratitude than non-believers did.

In order for believer Brad Reifler (read more at to take this study seriously further studies will have to be conducted. More research regarding the power of belief is necessary in order to change the currently accepted paradigm which is, a belief in a larger power leads to more happiness in ones life.

Edison’s Writing About the Ghost Machine Republished

The paranormal amateurs know very well about Edison’s Ghost Machine– a device that he often referred to in interviews, which was supposed to render the voices of spirits so that people could hear them. The inventor often talked about his beliefs that ghost exist and that a device with an amplifier could help humans communicate with the deceased. Few know that he even made a pact with William Walted Dinwiddie, an engineer who worked together with Edison, that whoever died first would try to send messages.

In time, the invention idea was forgotten stated No actual device has ever been released. Edison’s book “Diary and Sundry Observations” contained a chapter called “The Kingdom of the Afterlife” which was dismissed when the book was prepared for publishing, as the editors considered it an ironical part. The French disagreed with the thought and decided to fix the mistake. A 1949 publication in French with the final chapter intact has been revised.

Now, a publication of the reformulated last chapter, “The Kingdom of the Afterlife” (“Le royaume de l’au-dela”) is being prepared for re-publication. The new publication will contain Philippe Baoudoin’s comments along the lines. Being a philosopher and radio presenter, the man found great interest in Edison’s Ghost Machine and has supported the republishing project.

High School Students Practice What Is Preached To Them

A high school age Sunday School class from the First Presbyterian Church of Richland decided that they had heard enough about what Jesus would do. They wanted to do something positive themselves, something Jesus would do. Students conducted a clothing drive at their church and collected over 100 items. Things like jackets, scarves, packages of socks, and mittens were collected. The students tagged the donated items with the words “I am not lost. If you are stuck out in the cold, please take this to keep warm. Your friends at First Presbyterian Church of Richland.” They then hung the clothing on trees throughout Bronson Park in Kalamazoo,MI. Read More About This Heartwarming Story Here

Kids can get bored going to church. They often tune out and don’t listen to what is being preached. They may wonder what the point of it all is, and start having questions about their own spirituality. According to Daniel Amen, a great way to keep kids involved and active in their church is to give them purpose. The story above is a wonderful way to show Jesus’ love at work, while keeping kids focused on serving others. Actively serving others will teach kids large life lessons regarding Jesus and what Jesus would do, lessons they might not learn as easily while sitting in a pew.



Freedom of Religion (But Only When We Feel Like It)

As someone who grew up with multiple religious backgrounds and ultimately settled on believing very little, I’ve always been open to learning about different religions without bias. Jared Hatfel and I talked about religion throughout the years. I’ve dabbled in Buddhism, Taoism, Shintoism, spiritualism, and others to some degree. Though I’ve never practiced myself, one of the most interesting encounters I’ve had with religion was when I was invited on a date to attend a satanist convention. I went to a presentation on Satanist beliefs (delivered by my date) and left surprised about how little I actually knew about Satanism.  None of them pressured me to convert nor did they scoff at my Jewish/Lutheran upbringing. It was refreshing to talk to a religious group that did not shame others for their own choices and I ended up having a great weekend (though there was not a second date.)

I think about that weekend often, especially when I see articles that highlight how afraid people are of religions they do not belong to. I’ve remained firmly agnostic even after being welcomed into groups of all different types, but oddly the one religion that has always been the least accepting of my background is Christianity.  But nowadays I look back on those times with disdain because it seems to me that modern satanists are doing a better job of “Loving Thy Neighbor” than their Christian counterparts.

The Line Between Life and Death

This week when a polish woman woke up in a freezer, it sent shock waves to many across the world. The fear of waking up in a morgue haunts many. It seems every so often there is a story that talks about someone who was pronounced dead coming back, or perhaps they were never really dead at all. Why is the veil between life and death so thin, and how can someone who is still alive be pronounced dead?

There are many mysteries to the afterlife that we simple don’t have the answers for. So many come back from a near death moment, and say they have had an out of body experience take place. They can describe things like Heaven and Hell and talk about seeing loved ones and spiritual beings. Is there something to all this life after death stuff? Does there really exist a spiritual level that we can be sent back from, Ben Shaoul continually wonders?

Some swear by their experiences, even though science cannot prove or disprove their theories. Working in a funeral home must be pretty interesting these days, you never know when your next client will move or stir. Even with all the leaps and bounds that modern medicine has made, they still cannot predict if and when a person will die.