How Envoy and OneLogin Have Simplified Account Access

With the advent of technology, it has become easy to access different gadgets using a single login process. Though many people may not seem to understand the concept of this argument, the notion laid out here is the fact that, with the invention of new programs, it has become easier for various account holders to log into their accounts without necessarily using their log books to access their accounts.

A perfect example where a user provisioning software has been used to log into accounts without using outdated log books is utilization and application of the Envoy software.

Envoy allows its users to use their iPads to log into their office accounts without using the insecure log books. Envoy functions by automating the login process hence making it easier for the user to log into their accounts with the greatest ease ever. Some of the processes that have been automated by Envoy are such as the visitor sign-in process, host notifications, digital NDA, and visitor badges and photos.

The success of the login process has seen Envoy strike a partnership deal with OneLogin. OneLogin is a cloud-oriented management platform that provides secure account logins, directory integration with systems such as AD and LDAP, as well as the multi-factor authentication process. By working together with OneLogin, Envoy will be in a position to provide the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) protocols for simplified user provisioning.

Workers for both companies will be in a position to accelerate their login applications as well as synchronize their login details into their desired applications. In the case of Envoy, the SCIM program will allow its customers to automatically provision their login details such as their first, last, and middle names, office locations, and emails when accessing their OneLogin directories. The good thing about this process is the fact that as the process keeps updating, the ease of access becomes more and more convincing.

Advantages of Using Envoy in OneLogin

Thanks to the stale data present in Envoy, the visitor experience is diminished, and login made easier.

Envoy ensures that the keyed data is accurate and easy to access on behalf of the customers and company.

SCIM offers a constant platform where the data stored is consistent, hence allowing them to pinpoint the most appropriate data while doing away with the least valuable one.


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