How the Delicious Flavors of EOS Lip Balms Help Keep Lips Soft and Supple

Evolution of Smooth’s lip balms were specifically designed to grab the attention of women between the ages of 21 and 31. The founders of the company accomplished this by making the balm available in different flavors and placing it inside a spherical container that fits perfectly inside the palm of the hand. They also decided to use natural ingredients and create the containers to be color-coordinated with the balms they contained. These lip balms are categorized in lines according to their specific attributes. Read and learn from this similar site,

The company’s line of Organic lip balms are made all natural ingredients that have been certified as organic by the USDA. The Wildberry flavor contains the lip-smacking properties of blueberry and cranberry extracts. It also contains sunflower seed oil to help soften dry lips. The Smooth Mint variety is also part of the Organic Lip Balm line. This tantalizing flavor contains olive oil, jojoba oil and real mint extract. The Vanilla Bean flavor is also made with organic ingredients that include moisturizing oils and Shea butter.

Although all of the EOS lip balms are made with ingredients that help hydrate lips to keep them soft and smooth, the company’s line of Visibility Soft balms contain a little bit extra to provide long lasting softness. This line contains the sweet tasting flavor of their Honey Apple lip balm. This balm is made with real apple extract combined with the perfect blend of honey, cocoa seed butter and sunflower oil. Along with providing deep hydration for dry lips, this balm has also been dermatologist tested and classified as hypoallergenic.

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Evolution of Smooth also has a line of medicated lip balms, which has the refreshing flavor of Cooling Chamomile. Made with lip rejuvenating ingredients such as Vitamin E and jojoba oil, this balm is capable of providing temporary relief from the pain and soreness of dry, chapped lips.

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