Securus Helps People At Our Halfway House

Our halfway house is a place where we have a lot of people coming in for very specific reasons to live after they get out of jail. We are walking a fine line to help these people because we know that their lives have already been completely changed. They want to know that they can check in with people who are still in jail. They have these connections that are important, and I want them to be able to keep up those connections as much as humanly possible. That is where the Securus system comes in, and I have heard that they now have people installing their systems at the highest level possible.


Not only are they installing everything very well, but they are making it easy for people like me to set up phone calls for the people that we serve. I have a lot of people in the halfway house who want to check in at least once a week, and we are using an app on a tablet that was provided to us by the people who run the halfway house. This setup is very good for us, and it has shown all the people that we work with that they can check on someone in jail.


Securus allows us to set up the system with our tablets, and they have installed cameras in every jail they serve. They are using only the best installation techniques, and they are also showing people a better picture. They want to be able to use the camera system to check on someone, and I see them sitting down to have a chat that will make them feel better. Everyone is doing better in our halfway house because they can enjoy the conversation that they have with their friends over Securus.


Securus: Ready to Expose GTL

When it comes to GTL, enough is enough already and it is time for them to be exposed and time for them to have to fix what they have done to people. They need to admit fault, apologize, move on, and make amends. However, I don’t know if that is good enough. They have hurt so many people and done so many wrong things, I don’t believe they can ever make amends. I don’t know if they want to, which is even more sad. They have made so much money and profited off so many people, they don’t seem to give a lick. As long as their checks clear and the money is green, they seem happy and without a care in the world.

However, there is a new sheriff in town, as they say, and that sheriff is Securus Technologies, provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring. They are working on releasing a series of press releases that will hopefully shed some serious light on all that GTL has done and how they have taken advantage of customers, used them, and profited off them for their own well being. The time is now for them to fix this and either go away forever or pay back the money they owe the people they have ripped off.

With the press releases by Securus, the choice is really up GTL. They are the ones who have to answer to this and fix it. No longer can they just smile and keep making money and buying bigger houses and take advantage of those that are less fortune. The time is now for them to answer for what they have done and to do the right thing. That is what Securus is asking out of them: do the right thing.