Everyone Needs Help From A Realtor When Looking For New York City Real Estate

Generally, when people think about real estate, they always think about houses. Houses used to be the most popular form of real estate, but when apartments, condos, penthouses and other forms of homes came into the picture, then real estate was redefined. Real estate can also mean land as well, so anything can possibly be real estate. The reason real estate is an important thing to think about is because if you need help looking for a new home, don’t think that you have to be searching for a house to get a real estate agent. Many are confused about what real estate agents do, and if they are not looking to purchase a house, then they won’t bother looking for a realtor.

In New York City the housing situations can be very complex, and a real estate agent can help you to figure out your next move if you’re looking to find a new home in the city. Depending on what type of lifestyle you live, you can give your real estate agent the information necessary for them to help you find the perfect home to suit your lifestyle. New York City luxury real estate is a big place, but most people would like to live within the heart of the city, and they can easily get to all the hotspots. New York City is filled with places that have entertainment, restaurants, and many places to shop.

The majority of people who have to live in New York City would like to live where everything is going on, so it’s best that they find a home within New York City. Although you may be looking for a home in New York City, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find one, especially if you look on your own. Give Town Real Estate a call, and they can help you determine where your next home will be in New York City. You know what kind of home you want to live in, so let your real estate agent know this information, and they’ll be able to accommodate you.

Town Real Estate is not like any other real estate agency out there, and they have several services that can help their clients find a new home as well as location services that can make sure they are comfortable with their choice. Whether you’re moving for personal reasons, or if you’re moving for business reasons, your Town Real Estate agent can find you a perfect place in New York City. Work directly with your agent, and give the agent all the information they need to know to help you find a place that will be suitable for your lifestyle. Town Real Estate has some amazing homes available in New York City, so give them a call now.

High School Students Practice What Is Preached To Them

A high school age Sunday School class from the First Presbyterian Church of Richland decided that they had heard enough about what Jesus would do. They wanted to do something positive themselves, something Jesus would do. Students conducted a clothing drive at their church and collected over 100 items. Things like jackets, scarves, packages of socks, and mittens were collected. The students tagged the donated items with the words “I am not lost. If you are stuck out in the cold, please take this to keep warm. Your friends at First Presbyterian Church of Richland.” They then hung the clothing on trees throughout Bronson Park in Kalamazoo,MI. Read More About This Heartwarming Story Here

Kids can get bored going to church. They often tune out and don’t listen to what is being preached. They may wonder what the point of it all is, and start having questions about their own spirituality. According to Daniel Amen, a great way to keep kids involved and active in their church is to give them purpose. The story above is a wonderful way to show Jesus’ love at work, while keeping kids focused on serving others. Actively serving others will teach kids large life lessons regarding Jesus and what Jesus would do, lessons they might not learn as easily while sitting in a pew.



Laurene Powell Jobs Promotes Social Good

Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs, is not generally known as a public speaker, but rather for her thinking on and funding of issues related to immigration and education. However, she recently spoke at Stanford University on immigration reform, women overcoming career obstacles, and other social issues, and she placed an emphasis on the need for major corporations and venture capitalists to siphon a portion of their funds into a pool to encourage social and civic-minded entrepreneurs.

She stated that while businesses constructed to promote the public good are not as likely to reap the monetary benefits of businesses which are started and run with the goal of financial gains, those that work toward the common good can profit by the many intrinsic rewards which come from simply desiring to do good. Jobs believes it would benefit the socially-conscious and civic-minded entrepreneur to have funding from these sources so that they may also gain a bit of financial footing as a return for their work. Jobs has an estimated $19.7 billion dollars of wealth, according to FORBES, which makes her the sixth richest woman in the world.

She was interviewed by a professor of entrepreneurship for the Stanford talk she gave, and has clout when talking about such topics due to her own promotion for the public good as founder, funder, and advocate for various programs to help entrepreneurs and the underprivileged.

Mark Ahn’s advice on Leadership

What does it mean to be a leader? We look towards deacons and clerics in the Church, our bosses at work, and our parents at home. The lessons we learn from leaders can be applied to all aspects of life. Mark Ahn sees the lessons he learned from his time as a professor, author, and entrepreneur in the biotech field and shared the wisdom in this Newswire article. Mark Ahn sees the  top trends in leadership in 2015. How can we apply these lessons to our spiritual life? Tell me in the comments after the article.

Tips in leadership from Mark Ahn: 

Learn from seniors: He believes that good leadership is timeless and one has plenty to learn from senior leaders that have shone in their fields. Basic important tips and tricks that one needs in order to lead successfully as the same ones that were there 100 years ago.

Importance of integrity: Strictly following a moral and ethical code give institutions their value and a good leader must uphold this value and carry it forward. He mentioned integrity spans generations and is not one to be outdated.

Good judgement: Good judgement is not only intelligence, Ahn stated, but also courage, character and flexibility in their daily tasks. One must be able to adapt to changing times such as technology etc. 

Lead by example: Always do what you expect others to do. Show them how they must handle tasks. Setting a good example is very important trend in good leadership. People follow more of what they see around the work environment, and rarely what they are only told in memos and manuals.

Practice humbleness: Ahn’s last advice was to remain humble, no matter how high up the ladder you climb. A friendly atmosphere will make it easier to lead people and companies to success. He stated that humanity is more important in crises.

Those companies that remain afloat in bad times have good leaders who know these top trends.

At last, he denounced the popular notion that leaders are born. Leaders are made, he emphasized. Good leadership is a habit and a skill that must be cultivated and practiced daily.


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A Look Inside the Success of Vijay Eswaran

Penang is known as the Silicon Valley of Malaysia so it’s no surprise that a man such as Vijay Eswaran was born here. Vijay Eswaran was born on October 7, 1960 to Pushpavathy Chinnaiah and Vijayaratnam Saravanamuthu. His father, the founder of the Malaysian Hindu Youth Organization was a very respected man throughout Malaysia and I think played a huge part in where Vijay is currently in his career.

During his youth Vijay attended a quite a few universities and acquired several occupations. One of which was a taxi cab driver in the UK where he was also introduced to binary system marketing. Binary system marketing otherwise known as binary plan or MLM marketing is somewhat of a networking platform where you can recruit people to be placed underneath you for the benefit of being compensated.With his knowledge of MLM marketing he went on to attend and attain an MBA from Southern Illinois University.Upon returning back to Malaysia he was offered to lay roots for a company called Cosway Group in the Philippines. It wasn’t until the year of 1998 that he co-founded the QI Group which is comprised of numerous companies that sell e-commerce products. With locations in ten different countries and its headquarters in Hong Kong it is no secret that he is listed as number 25 on Forbes Asia underneath Malaysia’s 50 Richest.

Among those accomplishments he is also a philanthropist,public speaker, and a highly acclaimed author with several books.His first book In the Sphere of Silence is one of my personal favorites because not only does it help you to grow as a person it can also be of assistance when it comes to your business life. Vijay Eswaran with his amazing work ethic not only wishes success for himself but for others as well.Being humble is just one of the many traits that has made him successful and one of the most influential businessman in my opinion.

How to Lower Your Stress At Work

If you find that your leadership position at work is causing you a considerable amount of stress, it’s time to incorporate some things into your day that can calm you down. Tips from current and former CEOs can help you remain calm and collected when things get overwhelming in the office.

For instance, you should take breaks throughout the day. Even if you do have to go outside several times in the workday to take a deep breath or have a cup of coffee, you need to do what is necessary to gathering your thoughts, something Sam Tabar occasionally suffers with.

It’s also very important that you take care of your physical health. Make sure that you’re exercising regularly, taking a multivitamin and eating foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. This enhances your brain function and keeps your from getting too upset when things don’t go well throughout the day.

Lastly, it’s essential that you take time for your friends and family. You’ll be a better professional when you have the time to be a great spouse, parent, relative or friend. The people you love also give you the confidence and support to be your best at work.

Conquering Yourself

Browsing through Buzzfeed.com, I discovered an article that caught my interest. The article is about the study of our weaknesses. As human beings, we are not perfect. Sometimes we try so hard to live our lives in a certain way. Often, we lose the whole essence of life. Lee G. Lovett says

What is a life without meaning? In this busy world in which we find ourselves in, it’s easy to forget about the things that are most important. Lee G. Lovett says we need to all slow down every now and then and remember. Of course, our family and friends come to mind, but that’s not all I’m talking about here.

What is the purpose of life? Have you ever asked yourself this? Upon my personal journey of life, I believe that I have discovered the answer. The meaning of life is not about our jobs or our social status in the world. The purpose of life is actually quite simple.

All you need to do is live. Live in the present moment. One day, we are all going to vanish into the ether. So, knowing that you only have a certain amount of time on this planet, wouldn’t you try to make the best of it? You can easily begin a new life right now, a life that is lived to the fullest. From this point on, I challenge you to put everything that you have into whatever it is that you love. Don’t waste anymore time, because time is running out.

Start this new beginning, by telling that person you love them, forgive that person that wronged you, and give your best at whatever it is that you are doing. If you start to live your life like this, you will begin to notice a change. Conquering yourself, and creating your own destiny, is the true purpose of life.

The Exceptional Results Of Dr. Mark Ahn’s Leadership An Vision

There is a huge demand for the work of people in Life Sciences. In the modern world, the life sciences help guide the development of innovations from medical instruments, to environmental aides. Dr. Mark Ahn is an exceptional personality in the professional Life Sciences world. Not only is he a respected administrative professional, but he has also become the leader of some of the best active scientific groups in the world.

Dr. Mark Ahn received his degree in Life Sciences from the University of South Australia. He has also be awarded many mentionable accolades from prestigious institutions like Carnegie Mellon. Currently he on staff with Portland State, and serving as CEO, Director, and President of Galena Biopharma. Under his leadership, Galena is involved with leading the charge to a more  sophisticated and suitable world through Life Science innovation.

The academic and industrial worlds are full of people who exhibit talent for Life Sciences and other disciplines which result in positive improvements for the world’s governments and societies. The key to bringing these talents together is effective administration. Dr. Mark Ahn is an obvious and tested talent in leadership.

Biotherapeudics is relatively new in the medical world, yet its output is extremely needed. Galena Biopharma is helping to expose the world to unique bio-based products that provide unmatched medical efficacy. Dr. Mark Ahn’s expertise and vision is guiding Galena Biopharma to a new and respected place in the biomedics industry. His passion for Life Science innovation is inherent in each new project of the company. Of course, this is all a product of Dr. Ahn’s amazing ability to guide a professional staff in a common goal. A biopharma company is only as productive and attractive as the vision of its CEO. Mark Ahn is recognized as a young ground-breaking representative of the biomedical and Life Science fields.

Beyond leading a modern scientific crew with goals of great innovation, Dr. Mark Ahn has also helped the company he leads to successful financial gains. The Biopharma industry has suffered recent declines in profits and market showing. Unlike most companies, Galena has profited under the leadership of Dr. Mark Ahn.

His most recent crowing achievement and profitable venture is the finalizing and marketing of the orally-soluble film known as Zuplenz. This film is used to curb nausea and metabolic upset in sick patients including those who are undergoing radio-therapies for cancer. This product alone has allowed Galena Biopharma to capture a 7% market share worldwide. An achievement like this is only possible with leadership that is both forward-looking and rooted in experience. Mark Ahn has the leadership qualities which result in financial and personal profits.

Mark Ahn is an example of a person who works hard, remains passionate in a discipline, and has determined goals for the future. He is exactly the type of professional who is comfortable in, and well-suited for, management in the corporate world. Mark Ahn’s natural attributes are perfect for the sustained progress of a company with lofty goals of making the world a better place. Mark Ahn has many decades of management left to show the scientific and medical communities what his leadership is capable of producing.

Ken Griffin: Success by Nature or Nurturing?

Taking a look at what it takes to become successful means looking at a variety of different things.  When it comes to someone like Kenneth Griffin, we’re oft left wondering was he born that way, or is there some innate ability to become successful?  Or was he groomed for that success?

In business, it is often debated whether executive status and financial success are reached as a result of nature or nurturing. Are top financial leaders born to be such, or does quality education instill within them the motivation to reach the pinnacle of their field? Ken Griffin, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Citadel, a leading investment firm based in Chicago, proves that a solid combination of education and natural inclination toward success – perhaps fueled further by some access to family seed money – work together to fashion top performers in the field of finance, or even simple Facebook connections.

Ken was born in 1968 in Boca Raton, Florida. While attending Harvard University, he started financial trading in his dorm room between classes. His talent was funded through $265,000 invested by family and friends, including cash from his grandmother. Griffin used that initial money to chart his course as a financial leader.

Impressed with the upstart’s early results and drive for maximum return, Meyer provided Griffin with $1 million for investment. After providing Meyer with over 70% return on that first big investment, Griffin started Citadel on November 1, 1990.

Citadel’s name is derived from its definition of strength during volatility, likely as indication of Ken Griffin’s own ability for turning difficult financial times into bountiful ones. That talent is founded in tenacity and fortitude, perhaps the “nature” characteristics in Griffin that combine with his educational background to ensure confidence and steadiness within stressful financial transactions. As Griffin was only 22 years of age at the time of Citadel’s birth, youthful energy certainly played a role in development of what was destined to become a global hedge fund enterprise.

Despite his Ivy League study and real world experience with a track record of success in economic recessions, Griffin’s Citadel and his own financial standing were affected by the 2008 economy. Ken is reported to have lost over one third of his personal wealth in that period. Some of Citadel’s top funds even performed twice as poorly as others in the market. Perhaps this could be blamed on the common phenomenon in startup business, wherein growth stalls or recedes in teen years of the company, to bounce back in a renewal phase. Or perhaps, the man who thrives within volatility was subconsciously missing the need to exert strength toward optimized return.

Whatever the cause, it appears these backwards steps reignited Ken Griffin’s natural ambition and tenacious desire to succeed, as Citadel quickly regained optimum standing and the Founder’s own personal wealth redoubled to his all-time high of $5.5 billion after just six years. A leader who leads only from educational background and experience might not have had the strength to bounce back so effectively.  But he is willing to give back, pay it forward, as he has done so even with his former University.

In the argument of “nature versus nurture” toward development of leading financial executives, Ken Griffin is an example of instinct and tenacity trumping learned methods, particularly during high stress economies. However, one cannot minimize the roles that a Harvard degree, family investment and the confidence of Frank C. Meyer played in molding this esteemed business leader. Rather than pointing a finger at one of the two elements of nature or nurturing as being the cause for Ken Griffin’s success, it could be summarized that this self-made billionaire possesses an innate talent for leveraging gifts he was born with, in harmony with those he was bestowed, and points to more recent success that he’s had in the market, adapting to a whole new world economy.