Jason Hope: Pioneering Technological Philanthropist and Medical Game Changer

In the brave new world of medical technology, one man is trying to make a difference. Philanthropist Jason Hope, believes the coming advancements in the realm of 5G technology can truly begin to eliminate multiple issues in the medical field, and even save lives.

5G in the Medical Industry

When it comes to technology in the medical field, many current devices rely on a prompt network response. From the use of glucose monitors, to the possibility of future nano-technology, the continuously improving field of medicine is rapidly engineering more lifesaving devices every day. Though current technology and wifi have so far been able to handle the onslaught of newly contrived medical devices, eventually an overload will be inevitable. When this happens, there is a high probability that even standard 4G LTE technology will no longer suffice. This is why new 5G technology will soon be crucial to maintain and possibly increase these inevitable medical advancements. Jason Hope is positive that faster networks can help advance the field of medical technology in monumental ways.

Jason Hope’s Philanthropy

Jason Hope’s belief that 5G technology will change the world is so strong, that he donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation. He believes that the betterment of available networks may even bring about an age of nano-technology. The pioneering of nano-technology could actually begin to eliminate such inter of things as age related medical ailments. There are so many applicable uses for faster network speeds. Hope believes that 5G technology is undoubtedly the way of the future.

Jason Hope is completely dedicated to helping the world move forward by means of 5G technology. His deepest desire is for human beings to be able to live longer, healthier lives. He contentiously is making strides toward the impressive revolutionary network developments in 5G technology. He is truly a technological game changer.

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Andrea McWilliams – One Of The Most Powerful Lobbyists In Texas

Andrea McWilliams has been one of the most active women in the political spectrum of Texas for long and is the most influential political strategists and lobbyist in the state. Thanks to her extensive network in the elite society, she is also considered as one of the most prominent fundraisers in the state of Texas. Andrea McWilliams founded the McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants, which is a firm that offers legislative and political support to the clients, surprisingly to both the Republicans as well as the Democratic parties.

Andrea McWilliams, due to her remarkable achievements in the political and financial spheres as well as for being a passionate philanthropist has featured in various print publications and media networks, which includes BBC, CNN, Fox News, USA Today, NPR, Newsweek, and the Wall Street Journal. Andrea McWilliams has also featured on the “Power” feature on Texas Monthly, along with the Speaker of the House, Governor, and the Lieutenant Governor.

Andrea McWilliam is a born leader and the skills she developed over the years only helped her with whatever she did, whether it is developing a strategic vision and planning for political parties and leaders to raise enormous amounts of funds in a short time for political parties. She was named a chief of staff at the age of 21, which showcases her talent as a leader and determination to succeed from a very young age.

Andrea McWilliams has won many awards over the years, including “Austin Under 40” and also the more recent “Style Setter” award during the Austin Fashion Week. In 2016, she was awarded the title of “Texas Businesswoman of the year finalist” by the Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce. Andrea McWilliams is also a philanthropist and is associated with many organizations, such as Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital, Arthouse, Rise Across Texas Challenge, Austin Children in Crisis, and more.