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  • Robert Kraft’s Businesses Key Contribution To The Economy

    After graduating from Harvard Business School, Robert Kraft started laying the foundation for his business. Kraft Group companies had, since inception, had the mission of building a beneficial relationship with business partners. This method led to success in six different sectors. Kraft Industries succeeded in events and sports management, packaging and paper distribution, real estate […]

  • Kevin Seawright Continues To Help Locals Acquire Affordable Homes

    Kevin Seawright has been on the frontline to see people own homes with ease. He is the founder and the manager of his company, RPS Solutions that aims at helping the locals realize their dreams of owning houses. Through his efforts, many first homeowners have managed to secure their dream homes. The entrepreneur has decided […]

  • Richard Liu’s Breakthrough In The E-Commerce World

    Richard Liu has been a force to reckon with in the e-commerce world. Richard Liu Qiangdong founded, the largest online retail store in China. The success of his e-commerce business has been a result of Qiangdong’s visionary leadership and the incorporation of innovative technology. His success in managing the company to be among the […]