BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães Is Redefining Bank Advertising In Brazil

Banks don’t like to be associated with controversial businesses or people that might tarnish their image in the financial world. Most banks stay away from running distasteful ads that could come back and haunt them. But one Brazilian banker is redefining bank advertising in Brazil, and it’s working. His name is Ricardo Guimarães.

Ricardo Guimarães comes from a long line of bank executives. Ricardo’s grandfather, Antonio, started the Land Credit bank in the State of Minas Gerais in 1930, according to a recent article published by Ricardo’s father Flavio took over the bank when Antonio retired. The bank went through a growing and acquisition process through the years, and the name of the bank was changed to the BMG bank in the 1970s. In 1998, Ricardo became president of the BMG Bank, and he saw an opportunity that other bank executives didn’t see.

Ricardo is an avid sports fan, and he decided to combine sports and banking in order to promote bank products like payroll loans. Payroll loans are popular in Brazil because borrowers can get a lower interest loan when they used their monthly income as collateral. Ricardo approached the local Minas Gerais football club and offered to sponsor the club if they agreed to wear the three letter orange BMG logo on their jerseys during matches. interviewed Guimarães recently, and he said that meeting changed BMG bank forever.

Guimarães became Chairman of the football club known as Atlético Mineiro in 2001, and he remained in that position for five years. During that time, BMG Bank increased their football sponsorships, according to BMG Bank’s orange logo was everywhere on football days in Brazil and the fans loved it. They loved the fact that a Bank could feel like one of them and when they needed a loan, BMG Bank was the first bank they called. BMG Bank had to hire more than 800 representatives around the country to handle the demand for their payroll loans.

BMG Bank is now the second most profitable bank in the payroll loan business. BMG Bank recently merged with the fifth largest bank in Brazil, Banco Itaú, and a new bank, Itaú BMG Bank, was formed just to handle the demand for payroll loans. The new bank processes new loans at a reduced cost to both banks so the profit margin increases on each loan. Most borrower’s payback payroll loans on time and they keep borrowing, so they can deal with inflation and the recession that is making like miserable in Brazil.

Governor Cuomo Announces New Airport

New LaGuardia Airport Announcement by Andrew Cuomo

It has been years since a new airport had been created in the United States. Now there seems to be a change regarding new airports in the coming months.

Recently, New York governor Andrew Cuomo announced there are plans in the works to renovate New York’s LaGuardia Airport, after the airport was once compared to being that of a “third world country.” Vice President Joe Biden was alongside Shaygan Kheradpir and Cuomo when the announcement to give the airport a complete overhaul was made.

Many would say the overhaul to LaGuardia is an absolute neccesity because much of the airport area consists of cramped, aging and chaotic buildings, adding to the fact that is already confined to a small property on the East River in Queens. The plan would be to demolish all of the older and cramped buildings and eventually replaced with a brand new airport terminal that would be much closer to Grand Central Parkway, which already circles the airport.

The change in structure for the airport would allow for more open space, meaning that aircraft that have to leave and dock at certain gates would have more area to work with. This in turn means that passengers would get to use the elevated passageways in order to get the taxiway area, which is set to gain an extra two miles of new space.

Part one of this renovation is set to cost $4 billion is will add thousands of jobs to the area

An Oversight Worth Noting

When was launched in October of 2013 the site initially saw some technical issues that could have been avoided. President Barack Obama took to the media to note that he should have caught these issues. Upon further design and research the president and his IT developers think they have found a way to make sure that the problem doesn’t happen again. The president sat down with Fast Company and published his statement online. He noted that the traditional way of purchasing IT services, programs, and software did not work for the 2013 website. He has noted that this misstep in this site’s existence has led to the IT team working much harder to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. The President and his administration have taken numerous steps to make sure that the IT crisis doesn’t affect citizens who live their lives primarily through technology.


It is this reason that Obama has put forth such an effort to fix the problem. Even though Obama has promised to make sure that this doesn’t happen again, many of his opponents are criticizing him for it anyway. Handy is hoping that he figures it out quickly. Obama was credited with running the most tech savvy campaigns in 2008 and 2012. The first president to run tech savvy campaigns consecutively is the same president who oversaw the most high profile IT failure in recent American history. Despite the critics, Obama’s main goal is to get back on track for the sake of American citizens.

Top four happiest countries are in Europe, the fifth is Canada

Four of the world’s top five happiest countries are in Europe. The fifth? Canada. At least according to the latest Happiness index that is put out every year by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

The academic, civic, business and public arena leaders who work with the network looked at 158 countries over the last year, and then ranked them according to how well they did on various key variables. These included GDP per capita, how high life expectancy was, and the ability of their citizens to make decisions that would affect their lives while doing so without government interference.

Switzerland came out as the world’s happiest country, with Iceland, Denmark and Norway in second, third and fourth places. Canada fell in at number five.

So, if so many European countries are some of the happiest places on the planet to live, where are the unhappiest? As you might expect, four of the bottom five are countries in Africa, with the fifth one being Syria.

The Happiness Index is not just put out every year so that people who live in the happiest countries can feel proud of where they live, or for those in the unhappiest countries to feel miserable. Instead, Ricardo Guimarães BMG from the Sustainable Development Solutions Network publishes the data on Maquinadoesporte with the hope it will be used by governments around the world to not only compare themselves to other countries, but also to use the data to change public policy.

Gloria Vale Harbors a Perfect Society

Gloria Vale, New Zealand, harbors a society which deems itself perfect. The community of about 500 members is in total isolation from the ‘evil world outside’. The children wear blue uniforms. The adults have very strict rules too, as women have to wear white bibs and long dresses. The families are large, with 12 children or more, since the sect bans birth-control pills.

A family of 14 has recently left the Christian secluded community of Gloria Vale. The fact became a big news because it is like stepping in a new world for the people who had not used internet and have never worn the ordinary clothes before. They declared that the reason was ‘a life in a false system’ stated their The people who found out sooner about the family of 14 leaving Gloria Vale donated furniture and clothes to help the newcomers integrate in the new life. Very few families had left the community before, and they were not allowed to communicate with the members who were still left there.

Founded in 1969, the religious group of Gloria Vale is led by Neville Cooper. The leader never comments on families leaving the group. Peter Righteous, the spokesman of the community said that if people did not want the life offered there, they were free to choose another one.

Taxi Firm Celebrates A Treasured Customer’s 100th Birthday With Her

Central Taxi, of Edinburgh Scotland, has taken weekly calls for taxi pick ups from Christine Gibson for 30 years. The taxi firm has become like family for Christine, and she tips drivers generously every week with a pound and a sweet treat.

Christine Gibson can do most things for herself, but styling her hair is something she prefers others to do for her, so every Saturday she contacts Central Taxi for a ride to Muse Hairdressing in Edinburgh. When drivers at Central Taxi found out that Christine Gibson’s 100th birthday was coming up they sprung into action and contacted Muse Hairdressing regarding having flowers and champagne waiting for Christine on her birthday. Christian Broda has read that Christine Gibson was “absolutely gobsmacked” when she saw her birthday surprise. She lives alone and thought she would be spending her 100th birthday alone without much fuss. Read More About Christine And Her Surprise Party Here.

After champagne and her hair appointment, Christine was driven back to Central Taxi’s new headquarters and given a tour. She got to meet staff who had taken her calls over the years, and even donned a headset and dispatched a few taxi calls herself, an all around wonderful way to spend a birthday!

Laurene Powell Jobs Promotes Social Good

Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs, is not generally known as a public speaker, but rather for her thinking on and funding of issues related to immigration and education. However, she recently spoke at Stanford University on immigration reform, women overcoming career obstacles, and other social issues, and she placed an emphasis on the need for major corporations and venture capitalists to siphon a portion of their funds into a pool to encourage social and civic-minded entrepreneurs.

She stated that while businesses constructed to promote the public good are not as likely to reap the monetary benefits of businesses which are started and run with the goal of financial gains, those that work toward the common good can profit by the many intrinsic rewards which come from simply desiring to do good. Jobs believes it would benefit the socially-conscious and civic-minded entrepreneur to have funding from these sources so that they may also gain a bit of financial footing as a return for their work. Jobs has an estimated $19.7 billion dollars of wealth, according to FORBES, which makes her the sixth richest woman in the world.

She was interviewed by a professor of entrepreneurship for the Stanford talk she gave, and has clout when talking about such topics due to her own promotion for the public good as founder, funder, and advocate for various programs to help entrepreneurs and the underprivileged.

Spinal Relief in Texas

Even the most minor spinal injuries and pain can cause a rift in your daily life. Many people with chronic back pain have difficulty doing the easiest daily tasks and are uncomfortable even sitting upright in a chair. The North American Spine is a company that seeks to help all those individuals suffering from chronic back pain. Whether it’s from something as simple as a slipped or herniated disc to spinal tenosis, they offer a wide variety of minimally invasive and non surgical options, and have a lot of happy customers raving about the services.

They want all their patients to feel comfortable with the decision process by giving them as much information as they need to make an informed decision. Before resorting to surgery, they look at the patients individual needs and help devise a more conservative route of chiropractic care and physical therapy. Their options also include heat and cold therapy, pain medication, spinal fusion and steroid injections.

If the patient ends up needing a surgical procedure, it is done by highly qualified doctors with extensive background in relieving back pain, and a technologically advanced spinal laser that is minimally invasive which can help with a wide range of spinal problems. The AccuraScope procedure itself can take as little as thirty minutes, depending on the severity of the problem being treated, and is designed to trace the spine up and down until it pinpoints the pained area.

Then it is treated in one simple outpatient procedure leaving no scar and possibly requiring one simple stitch afterwards. With the simplicity of the procedure, most cases people begin feeling relief almost immediately and don’t require much down time between the surgery and returning to work. Eliminating spinal pain is the main focus of this clinic, the doctors and staff have dedicated their lives to helping people in need of relief. With the AccuraScope and other options available, The North American Spine is one of the most innovative specialized clinics in the US today.

Mark Ahn’s advice on Leadership

What does it mean to be a leader? We look towards deacons and clerics in the Church, our bosses at work, and our parents at home. The lessons we learn from leaders can be applied to all aspects of life. Mark Ahn sees the lessons he learned from his time as a professor, author, and entrepreneur in the biotech field and shared the wisdom in this Newswire article. Mark Ahn sees the  top trends in leadership in 2015. How can we apply these lessons to our spiritual life? Tell me in the comments after the article.

Tips in leadership from Mark Ahn: 

Learn from seniors: He believes that good leadership is timeless and one has plenty to learn from senior leaders that have shone in their fields. Basic important tips and tricks that one needs in order to lead successfully as the same ones that were there 100 years ago.

Importance of integrity: Strictly following a moral and ethical code give institutions their value and a good leader must uphold this value and carry it forward. He mentioned integrity spans generations and is not one to be outdated.

Good judgement: Good judgement is not only intelligence, Ahn stated, but also courage, character and flexibility in their daily tasks. One must be able to adapt to changing times such as technology etc. 

Lead by example: Always do what you expect others to do. Show them how they must handle tasks. Setting a good example is very important trend in good leadership. People follow more of what they see around the work environment, and rarely what they are only told in memos and manuals.

Practice humbleness: Ahn’s last advice was to remain humble, no matter how high up the ladder you climb. A friendly atmosphere will make it easier to lead people and companies to success. He stated that humanity is more important in crises.

Those companies that remain afloat in bad times have good leaders who know these top trends.

At last, he denounced the popular notion that leaders are born. Leaders are made, he emphasized. Good leadership is a habit and a skill that must be cultivated and practiced daily.


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And She Saw Her Newborn Babe

Living a life legally blind is just as difficult as if you are blind. Maybe even a bit more frustrating. You can see only images not details up close. Well a new Mother that was legally blind was able to see her newborn because of special glasses loaned to her by a company called eSight. The eSight Corporation loaned Kathy Beltz the glasses the day her baby arrived for the day. She was even able to fill out the birth certificate. She was able to try on the eSight glasses around her fifth month.

Her sister Yvonne Felix who is also legally blind had the chance to see herr six year old and two month for the first time but had not been able to see them when they were first born. She wanted her sister to be able to see her newborn child and have that memory that she did not have the chance to have.

The eSight Corporation have created these glasses for the legally blind but the cost is $15,000 for them.From what Sergio Andrade Gutierrez understands,  the glasses use a camera, real time video, and computing technology to aid the person to see. While wearing them you can also focus and zoom and alter what you are focused on.

Felix has started a funding project called Make Blindness History. Her goal is for every person that needs a pair, to be able to have them.