Jeffry Schneider – An Alternative Investor

The Austin based entrepreneur Jeffry Schneider is a renowned alternative investment banker and founder of Ascendant Capital LLC. His flagship investment avenues include hedge funds, private equity as well as real estate funds. Together with his Ascendant managing partners, Jeffry Schneider has the vision to develop an array of high-valued offerings that are backed by a far-reaching suite of marketing sales, operational and education-oriented services.

Jeffry Schneider has reached remarkable milestones such as raising one billion dollars in Ascendant Capital LLC. Under his tenure, the company has grown tremendously in the past half decade.

This year, Jeffry Schneider focuses on spearheading his company to raising over $50 million monthly in their portfolio. It is his belief that alternative investment is an excellent way of diversifying an organization’s holdings while reducing the volatility levels. He has witnessed a significant growth since he began his career, and it can only advance owing to his vast expertise in alternative investment.

Jeffry Schneider is also actively involved in works of philanthropy by associating with several charity based organizations such as Wonders and Worries, the Gazelle Foundation and Cherokee Children’s home. Not only does he provide capital but also volunteers his time to motivate the less fortunate, offering them opportunities to break the ceiling in investment banking.

Keith Mann, Providing Successful Hedge Fund Investments

Keith Mann is one of the few fortunate people who has successfully been able to build an all rounded life. He has established his career path and has had great achievements, and has a well-grounded homework balance. According to an interview that Keith gave on Idea Mensch, he credits his success to the drive and passion he has for his industry.With over 15 years of experience in Hedge Investments, he has grown to develop the best products in the industry. He is also an avid reader who says that for any person to grow their capacity, they need to grow their reading collections. He routinely takes care of himself by eating a healthy diet and having a morning workout. He says those two rituals help him have a great kick-start to his day. To succeed in any field of work, Keith recommends that people should always ask for help when they do not know and most importantly, critically think through decisions they make.

Keith Mann established Dynamic Search Partners (DSP) in 2009. The vision came because of his vast experience in the hedge investment industry. DSP was founded to act as an executive search firm. The company was primarily an alternative investment firm. Keith is a hands-on CEO, and he handles the day-to-day running of the company. Some of his roles include assisting clients in hiring investments analysts, building new platforms and coming up with internal strategies for his team. Keith ensures that he provides his team with the best working environment and credits his recent success to the incorporation of technology.

As part of his service to the community, Keith Mann has teamed up with Uncommon Schools to provide education to children living in low-income neighborhoods. Uncommon schools is a Non-Profit Organization that seeks to encourage children get high school diploma and pursue degrees. The NGO has set up schools around the United States. Keith not only offers financial support but also conducts mentor ship for the children. Together with his team, they teach children real world skills like preparing for business presentations, writing resumes, and how to prepare or interviews. Keith’s main motivation with Uncommon Schools is to raise the next generation of business professionals.