A New Flu Drug Works Well Although It Doesn’t Target the Flu

Each year many elderly and immunocompromised people die from the flu causing them to go into respiratory failure. This is because a thin layer of cells (microvascular endothelium) that form a barrier between your circulatory and respiratory system becomes damaged. Fluids then leak into your lungs causing acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), which results in death from something like drowning.

Thanks to research from a large research team from the University of Toronto headed by Warren L. Lee and Zeca Oliveira, there’s now a new flu treatment, Vasculotide. Instead of fighting the flu, it concentrates on stopping the fluid from leaking into your lungs. This buy your body’s immune system time to outlast the virus and recover.

Since this treatment works really well and isn’t an immune system booster, the research team has applied for a patent. Vasculotide inhibits the flu’s “downstream” effects. As such, the immune system doesn’t get stronger, but it does get more time, which could make all the difference.

QNet Global Company Sells India Health

A company based in Hong Kong is planning on moving into markets in India in a big way. QNet is an international health and wellness business that has identified a huge market opportunity in the country of India. Not only is QNet moving most of their manufacturing to India, they also plan to sell a range of unique products there at the same time. QNet has 9 categories comprising 30 special brands, and in general they are moving to a product line more focused on enriching the lives of Indian citizens while also improving the health of everyone across the country.

Internationally recognized for products that enhance the lives of people in many parts of the world, QNet also sells Swiss-made watches and a line of fine jewelry that will enhance the quality of life in India. Perhaps more importantly, they are selling wellness products, such as skincare products to heal skin issues, and food with high nutrition standards to promote healthier living in India. QNet started in Southeastern Asia and expanded to include parts of Africa, Central Asia, and more recently successfully marketed their products in Russia and Eastern Europe.

A new line of glass items containing health invigorating properties is being introduced in India. This new line is called Amezcua, which is produced with a proprietary new technology, in Germany. Since it represents a new concept, QNet is aware that it will take time to be accepted in India. Still they hope to encourage healthier lifestyles in India, a land of traditions that stretch back many thousands of years.

QNet is growing their product lines and range of services to include areas such as online education and vacation travel planning. They have reworked all their product lines towards more Life Enhancement, and in the process worked with India’s various levels of government to follow the laws concerning marketing products and services. They are steadily increasing trust and enthusiasm for their products, both for manufacture and purchase in India.