QNET Positive Thoughts Project

QNET and the RYTHM Foundation are committed to making a positive impact on the communities in which they do business. Now comes word that QNET has created the Positive Thoughts Project. Through this program QNET will provide water filtration systems to two educational institutions that work with children that are beset by learning challenges. The program is very simple. If people visit the QNET/RYTHM Foundation FaceBook page and post a total of 1000 positive posts over the course of a month, QNET will install free water filtration systems at the Rashid Centre and the Taarana School. It’s as simple as that.

People throughout Asia, Africa, and the Middle East have long depended on QNET for quality products at affordable prices. The company is also beloved because of all the jobs they create in poverty stricken areas. Plus since 2005, QNET has been providing a host of charitable and philanthropic services for people in need through their RYTHM Foundation. This has helped to make QNET a much loved corporate citizen in many parts of the world. Its founder has even been given numerous awards for being a ‘Hero of Philanthropy‘ in the Asia-Pacific region.

So this new Positive Thoughts Project is just a continuation of the company’s commitment to improve the quality of life for people in need in the communities it serves. And QNET has made participating in the project so easy, that all it takes is a computer, internet connection and a few minutes to help provide clean water to people in need. This project is truly unique and very much needed. Drinking dirty water is responsible for many of the learning disabilities children in the world’s underdeveloped suffer. Creating a program which helps to provide these populations with clean drinking water is a godsend.

The Rashid Centre and the Taarana School are two institutions that help children with learning disabilities overcome their conditions and gain the tools they need to be able to more fully participate in the world in which they live. These are the organizations that will be the beneficiaries of the German designed, Korean build, top of the line HomePure RED water filtration systems QNET will donate. The Positive Thought Project not only helps children with learning disabilities, it gives the public at large an opportunity to show their support by simply sharing a positive thought while visiting the QNET/RYTHM Foundation FaceBook page.

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Sergio Cortes Provides a Plethora of Advice

There are a lot of doctors that work to provide a plethora of information for people that may be in need of medical attention. In Brazil the doctor that appears to have an extensive amount of research under his belt is Sergio Cortes.

What has made him a reliable resource for Brazil is all of the time that he has put into researching the various areas of medicine that a lot of other doctors may overlook. He is the State Health Secretary for Rio de Janeiro, and he has become well-known for his research in areas like orthopedics. This is his specialty, but he has a lot of interest in others things. He has become someone that is able to provide a lot of input on issues for pregnant women and diabetic patients.

Many people that want to see what his findings are on various issues will consult his blog for information. Others that are interested in an abbreviated version of his daily findings, can follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.. He has become a voice in Brazil that is worthy of your time, and many people get firsthand knowledge about new findings through his blog.

Sergio has held different positions like Medical Executive Officer and General Director for medical organizations. He has become an authority on things like hip replacements, and he continues to expand his knowledge and the knowledge of others through his research. A good number of people are going to be drawn to his findings on osteoporosis and the preventive methods that are used to stop this. Others may be interested in the mixture of more simple things like the type of clothing that has to be worn during the winter or summer months.

A ton of people that are outside Brazil have become very familiar with him. Sergio has been able to transform a lot of laughs by providing valuable information that people from all walks of life can utilize. He has spoken on many different topics over the years, but the Internet seems to be the easiest way for people outside of Brazil to acquire his findings. He has made himself readily available to people around the world by posting information that can save lives. Sergio is doing a lot of good in Brazil as a state health secretary, but the effect of his findings influence many outside of Latin America


The term couvade is of French origin and means incubate. It implies keeping a set of factors that are originally possessed. The syndrome is observed in men who have pregnant companions. Some describe the symptoms of the condition as pregnancy in men. In other places, it’s considered a taboo. The symptoms of the syndrome include dizziness, vomiting, nausea, weight gain and belly bulge.
According to Doctor Cortes, the condition is attributed to the affection of the father to the unborn child. The affection may cause an elevation of hormones causing a replication of conditions experienced by the pregnant companion. Though not familiar to everyone, the condition is mainly experienced by first-time parents who are anxious to graduate to parenthood. It’s also common to a very close couple. Since it’s a reason enough to seek medical attention, it’s not classified as a disease.
Sergio explains there are several theories that try to explain the condition. All base it to the father emotional excitement to the unborn child. In some cases, the need to consult a physician may arise if the situation becomes a nuisance to close couples. The graduation to become a father comes with a lot of excitement. When the couples are too close, the brain reacts to a hormone elevation by replicating the conditions of the pregnant companion. The syndrome is more specifically appears during the last stage of the pregnancy.
Researchers are putting more effort in understanding the syndrome. The main concentration is on the psychological subversion. The brain is known to change when dealing with the experience of being a father. It’s also understandable the joy of the new responsibility is the primary factor in the syndrome to couples that are close. Sergio also explores other the matter on other lines by arguing that the syndrome develops as a demonstration of the father’s affection for the unborn child.
The medical doctor is also the cabinet secretary for the ministry of health in the state of Rio. Sergio is also0 reachable through his LinkedIn account and Twitter accounts. The medical expert publishes blogs of relevant to the general public on health. According to Sergio, lifestyle has affected health with no little time for exercising. He constantly advises on ways to maintain a healthy life through regular exercises. The medical doctor is a business graduate from Harvard school of business.

Source: atanews.com.br


The visit by the state secretary of health Mr. Sergio Cortes confirmed the state efforts in mitigating the effects of the floods. The Xerém residents are adversely affected by heavy floods putting the life of residents at risk. At least one hydration center is already operational and can serve more than 300 patients in a day. The health cabinet secretary confirmed the government is committed to set up more centers in the flood-hit region. The state department of health has already dispersed a surveillance team access the damage of the floods. The team is also expected to give medical supplies to the affected families.
The surveillance team will gather medical information on how to best fight the disaster. The team also has over 3000 antibiotic tablets to help reduce the risk of spreading of waterborne diseases like hepatitis. The team is also expected to treat the already infected water to make it safe for public use. Meanwhile, Dr. Cortes urged the residents to ensure they only drink safe bottled drinking water. He has also urged the donors to consider donating safe drinking water to Xerem resident in their donation.
Among other efforts put in by the federal and state government are donations of more shelters and clothing to the affected. The families need necessary government support in solidarity to help them recover from the loss resulting from the disaster. During the meeting with the local municipal health secretary, the state agreed to deliver additional calamity kits to the region. Some of the diseases that are more risky include hepatitis, chicken pox, leptospirosis, and diarrhea. The diseases spread faster in contaminated water making their control more difficult. The samples collected by the surveillance team were considered not satisfactory. The teams are therefore disinfecting the waters daily to ensure the safety of the residents.
Doctor Sergio Cortes is a medical doctor in Brazil. He is also the state secretary for heal in the state of Rio. Dr. Cortes is an enthusiastic leader with a commitment to improving the life of the community. In his blogs at his personal website, he advises on the benefits of healthy diets and regular exercises to reduce back pains. He also provides advice on the best way to compact lifestyle diseases and back pains resulting from poor sitting posture. Serge is a graduate of Harvard business school.

Back Pain Relief with Sergio Cortes

This article, provided by Sergio Cortes Offical, lists the different ways that back pain can be an issue for people who use technology and people who rely on it in their daily lives. Dr. Sergio Cortes recognizes that technology plays a major role in today’s society and even relies heavily on it himself. He also recognizes that technology can cause back pain, along with other issues. This back pain is something that can easily be dealt with and relieved by changing posture and working on different exercises to ensure that patients are working the right types of muscles they need to use a computer.

Some of the exercises that can be done to relieve this back pain include Pilates and yoga. These are two great exercise plans for anyone. Nearly everyone can do the low impact that is provided by these. They work muscles and can help the people who do them create a balance in their life along with in their body. While walking and cycling are great options, they may cause more back pain that could be detrimental to healing. Swimming is a great exercise because it is low impact and it can be done by many different people despite lower skill levels.

Sergio Cortes is a doctor who practices general medicine. He has his own practice in which he sees a variety of patients on a daily basis. He has worked with patients who have many different issues and considers himself to be proficient in most of the issues that he has seen in his office. This is because he does his research. When he is not able to treat an illness or other malady, he refers the patient to someone who is better qualified or who has the right tools to be able to provide treatment.

Since Dr. Sergio Cortes has seen many different issues in the patients at his practice, he has learned a lot about many different things. This is a result of the research it requires and he is able to consistently build up his knowledge about injuries and illness. Cortes has a blog that he posts on frequently to talk to patients about ways they can help themselves. While he works to ensure that patients are taken care of in his practice, he is dedicated to making them feel better without a trip to the doctor by using tips on his blog.

Brazilian Doctor Sergio Cortes

The world of medicine is vast. Many doctors find they can pick and choose from the kind of medicine they want to practice as well as the kind of patient population they want to treat. Those who enter the field of medicine often do so because they want to be able to help people as much as possible. Such help may consist of providing patients with access to direct, hands-on patient care that allows the doctor to use all of their skills when assisting them. It may also consist of helping patients out by providing an entire region with access to effective and thoughtful leadership that can allow patients in this area to enjoy better medical care at all times.

Someone who has done much to help provide the nation of Brazil with access to such medical leadership is Sergio Cortes. Cortes is a doctor with an extensive background in the field of medicine. He has spent many years studying medicine and working closely with patients to help them get better. The good doctor has chosen to work with patients from all walks of life in order to provide with them access to the best possible contemporary medical care.

His specialty is orthopedic surgery, a field that helps provide people with medical techniques that allow them to recover from an injury to their limbs. Dr. Cortes has spent many years in this field. He has studied by at home in his native Brazil as well as in other parts of the world. His work has been hailed for his compassion and his understanding of all aspects of this specialty as well as his devotion to exploring all kinds of new methods that are being developed each day to help patients in new and innovative ways.

This is one of many reasons why he has been appointed the Minister of Health for Brazil. In this role, he is expected to continue to help bring to his fellow Brazilians the chance to be able to enjoy access to a health care system that is modern and up-to-date as well as one that is based around meeting the needs of Brazilians in all parts of the nation. Those who have worked with him in the past hail the appointment and welcome his leadership as Brazilians everywhere look forward to a medical system that can help them get their health needs fully met.

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Andy Wirth On The Importance Of Clean Power

Andy Wirth is known more for his hotel and mountain resort endeavors than for promoting environmental consciousness. This perception is likely to change thanks to the op-ed he wrote for the The Reno-Gazette Journal. The subject of the op-ed is clean power. More specifically, the work delves into the reasons why clean power is helpful to the environment and the economy. Wirth does put forth a logical argument for the expansion of clean power and the text makes a host of valid points.

The op-ed notes that the Reno City Council passed the “Clean Power Plan” with the hopes of moving away from coal power and the burning of “dirty” fuel. Cleaner power from solar, wind, biofuels, and others is preferable not only due to the improved environmental impact, but also because cleaner fuel is becoming more preferable in the modern economic landscape.

Wirth has pointed out that a host of companies are moving towards clean energy. Again, the changing economic landscape is contributed to their decision to do so. Companies are better served by being forward-thinking and innovative as opposed to working against changing approaches to energy use.

Not everyone is sold on the idea of switching to clean energy and Wirth does attempt to make a compelling argument regarding why people and businesses should embrace alternative energy. Many see decisions about clean power as being political. Wirth stresses that issues surrounding clean power are apolitical. Again, the notion that economies should switch to clean power as being the wise and correct move to make in the present economic landscape.

Who is Andy Wirth and what is his background? Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and has contributed greatly to the growth of the tourist industry in the state. His success in the business world has been incredibly pronounced and sustained. Wirth is also known for his environmental activism so his insights in the op-ed are not surprising. What some might not know is Wirth was seriously injured in a skydiving accident that nearly took his life. Wirth went through a long and arduous recovery process. In the aftermath of his recovery, Wirth started to raise funds for the NAVY Seal Foundation, a charitable organization to help those members of the special forces returning home from duty.

Thanks to Andy Wirth’s high profile, the op-ed likely will attract a lot of attention. Perhaps it will change a few opinions as well.

Andy Wirth Is Great For Reno

Many businesses in Reno, Nevada, have made the first steps toward businesses that rely less on dirty energy, and only on clean, “green” sources of energy for the business. The Clean Power Plan is what the plan has been named, and it does not require much change by any of the businesses at any one point in time. The Clean Power Plan is set forth to take place over a number of years, as any transition to new sources of energy is difficult for any business to do.

Mr. Andy Wirth is the chairman of the Reno Airport Authority Board which is over the Clean Power Plan. Mr. Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley, one of the most popular ski resorts in the United States of America. It is actually estimated to be the sixth most popular ski resort. Mr. Wirth has helped Squaw Valley grow to the size that it is today, although it has always been a top-notch ski resort in the States.

Andy Wirth was born in West Germany and grew up in the United States. Mr. Wirth attended Colorado State University and graduated in 1983. He worked at Steamboat, a large ski resort company, and did very well there. He was named the CEO of Squaw Valley in only 2010.

The Clean Power Plan is going to actually attract more business to Reno because more companies in the future will want to travel to a city where there are already established clean energy systems. Reno is the first of many cities to start moving forward in the push for green energy.

Any businesses in the city of Reno do not have to make the change, but businesses are encouraged to start implementing green sources of energy if at all possible.

Source: Reno Gazette-Journal

QI Group President Joseph Bismark Shares Secrets of Health And Success

As reported by Yahoo News, entrepreneur, spiritual adviser and QI Group developer Joseph Bismark gives advise on how to maintain a healthy living.

Bismark is completely devoted to living a healthy lifestyle. He has been a proponent of the holistic approach to wellness and health. Bismark says that part of his routine is to exercise daily. He swims, runs, practices yoga and uses kettle bells to stay lean and strong. Bismark also uses an app that tracks every aspect of his workout — calories burned, running/walking distance, speed and pace.

Yoga is the key to life, according to Bismark. He not only practices it, he teaches it at the Singapore school of Meditation and Yoga. Bismark says that people should keep their minds as sharp as their body. For that reason, he uses the web-based app Luminosity, which has a full line of scientific-based brain games to keep the brain engaged.

Bismark was born in the Philippines in a comfortable, middle-class home. He was taken from that environment and placed in the mountains with Filipino monks. He learned a great deal about spirituality, a more simple way of life and humility. He left the monks at the age of 17 and took his teachings into the real world.

The values he learned with the monks is the same approach he applied to his business practices. He believes that all good leaders should possess strength and humility. His powerful vision and core values makes him one of the most respected and revered businessmen in the industry. Bismark has always believed in giving back to his community and feels that philanthropy can also influence others.

Bismmark is co-founder of the QI Group with his business partner Vijay Eswaran. The Group has a number of companies under its umbrella including the highly-successful Qnet. Bismark’s spirituality and common sense business practices are legendary in the industry. It is his goal to continue to grow as a person and help others achieve the same level of spiritual awakening. He continues to instill the importance of integrity when running a business and believes that anyone can duplicate his success as long as they have proper encouragement.

House Training Your New Puppy

A lot goes into the care of a new puppy, and housebreaking is one of the most confused and misunderstood of all the things a new dog owner will have to deal with. The process of house training doesn’t have to be a challenge for you or your puppy if you will follow several simple steps.

The first step in doing any kind of training with your new puppy, whether it is housetraining, leash training, or obeying simple commands like “sit”, “come”, “stay”, etc. is to be patient and consistent. Like humans, your furry companion responds much better to positive rewards and lots of praises. Inconsistent training confuses your puppy and makes conditioning the behaviors you want that much harder. Also, anger has no place in puppy training.

When housetraining you have nature on your side. Even in the wild, dogs do not normally soil their dens and by the time they are sixteen weeks old, most have learned through imitation that elimination is done outside, so there is some natural conditioning to begin working with.

Crate training is a very quick and effective method to accomplish housetraining. The crate should be just large enough for the puppy to enter, and turn around in. Too large a crate will allow your puppy to establish their own “zones” for sleeping, play and elimination. The objective is to make your puppy associate his crate as his den and capitalize on their natural desire for a clean environment.

Training also involves a regular schedule of feeding with Beneful on facebook. A puppy’s body is a rather simple machine: they eat, they sleep, they eliminate. Plus, the digestive system of a puppy is extremely efficient and most will want to eliminate anywhere from five to thirty minutes after eating. By feeding on a regular schedule and paying attention to the cues the puppy displays prior to elimination you can anticipate the action and respond by taking your puppy outside, or to a litter box. The cues to watch for include sniffing or pawing. Also, some dogs will turn around several times in a hunched over manner before eliminating.

If you wait too long and catch your puppy “in the act”, don’t scare the puppy, but in an assertive voice interrupt the puppy and say a consistent word or short phrase like “OUTSIDE”. Don’t punish your puppy, but pick them up and take them outside or to the litter box. Reinforce good behaviors with lavish praise and the occasional treat.

After a few days, your puppy should be pretty much on the way to complete housetraining. Accidents will probably happen from time to time, just be sure to clean up the urine or feces since the odor may well be an incentive to use that spot again.

Proper nutrition is an important requirement for dogs of all ages, but especially puppies. A well balanced and thoroughly researched dog food is Purina’s Beneful brand. Beneful is available in a number of different varieties and as wet or dry food. Purina has invested millions of dollars and thousands of research hours to ensure that Beneful contains the best ingredients so your puppy can grow up healthy and live a long happy life.