Greg Secker Foundations Helps Communities Around the World

Greg Secker founded the Knowledge to Action Group in 2003. This group consists of several different companies in education, technology, trading, and investments. Another organization he began was the Greg Secker Foundation an organization committed to improving the lives of people around the world. This organization hopes to improve their lives through education, coaching and support.

He has worked for Thomas Cook’s Financial and foreign exchange business called Virtual Trading Desk. It was the first online Forex trading platform. He learned the business from many experienced traders. He eventually set up a trading business from his own home called Learn to Trade and has grown the business over the last several years. He has ongoing seminars and workshops for other to learn about trading.

The Greg Secker Foundation is one of the organization he is most proud of. It was formed in 2010. It strives to equip poor communities with essential life skills and equipment to solve problems . Some of the programs it has are Youth Mentoring Program, Early Childhood Development Program, and Ubuntu Education Foundation. Some program are located in South Africa.

In London this organization supports nonprofit organization and runs global trading events where participants raise money to help different causes. Greg recently went to the Philippines to see the damage from Typhoon Haiyan. He came up with several programs to help and plans to build a village capable of withstanding future homes. With money from his organization 100 homes will be built by the end of the Summer 2017.

He says his idea to help others through trading came from boredom and opportunity. It was to motivate people to give them the same skills he had to make money to use some of the money for for good causes. He set up one of the first UK Trader coaching businesses. With the coaching business he found many participants were more successful than those left to learn trading on their own.

He built a model for his trading coaching business and it has become One of the best skills he learned to help him be successful was learning to think and work. It gives you time to organize and research. He likes to read autobiographies he says because it gives us a chance to see the world through other people’s eyes and learn about leaders.

His business continues to grow as well as the Greg Secker Foundation.