The Ubuntu Education Gala with Andrew Rolfe

Recently, more than £ 603,000 was raised at the Ubuntu Education Gala. This fund helps disadvantaged people in Africa. The amount required was R10, 000,000 in South Africa. Their goal was to raise £600,000. The money will be used to expand the student capacity at the Fund’s Port Elizabeth Campus. It will also be used to improve paediatric clinics affiliated with the campus.

The fund is used by over 400,000 disadvantaged persons in Africa. At the campus, the people’s health is taken care of from when they join the campus to when they get a career. Founded in 1999, it primarily focused on the availability of education when they realized that underlying factors such as hunger and HIV that prevented the children from reaching maximum education potential, they started providing health care, nutrition, home stability and more.


Approximately 300 of London’s renowned socialites and philanthropists were in attendance. Chairperson Andrew Rolfe welcomed everyone and performances of Xhosa chorales’ and speeches caught the audience but Sinesipho Rbidyani that stole the show. She narrated her life story involving her drunken father and the negative effects of his behaviour becoming an Ubuntu Scholar being accepted into law school and how she was able to get her mother to leave her abusive father.

Her story and the various talented scholars encouraged generosity and items like a paid South African holiday package, a portrait and two paintings accumulated an impressive £ 33,000. Charlie Ross was the auctioneer.

At the end of the evening, the founder and CEO of the Fund, Jacob Lief elucidated how watching disadvantaged children in Africa grow up for 20 years and made him do something about it. The fund has sponsored about 2,000 disadvantaged children and provided quality education and healthcare. Their biggest accomplishment is the reduction of HIV transmission. Hundred percent of the mothers it caters to have given birth to babies who tested negative. Ninety percent of its scholars are accepted into major universities. The toddlers can also start primary school. The Ubuntu Education Fund is committed to sustainable development.


Andrew Rolfe is the Chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund. He is also the Managing Director at TowerBook Capital Partners. Andrew Rolfe went to Harvard Business School where he was awarded a Master’s in Business/Managerial Economics and the University of Oxford where he was awarded a Bachelor of Arts.