Renown Health – Professional Healthcare Clinic set to Open soon

Renown Health is an urgent care medical facility that is located in the Reno, Nevada region. Renown Health currently has 12 primary care facilities in the area, and is proud to announce the birth of another facility. It will be located in The Summit Mall area in South Reno. The new business broke ground in November. The plumbing and electricity was established in February, and the office is set to open soon. The healthcare facility will focus on primary care and lab services. The other Renown Health facilities offer other services such as respiratory, special testing and other specialized healthcare services. Renown Health is the only local not-for-profit healthcare facility in the area. They are proud that they can keep their earnings within the company, and reinvest them back into equipment, the community and other healthcare services. The facility will be responsible for staffing 11 employees. They have enough room to add more offices if the business exceeds their initial expectations. In the future, they hope to add another doctor, nurse practitioner and more medical staff.

Dr. McCormack is the lead medical director currently overseeing the newest Renown Health project. In a recent telephone interview, she stated her focus remains on the patient. She wants to ensure that the patient feels comfortable and that the healthcare setting is secure and welcoming. The patient should walk into the facility and feel like they are waiting in their own living room. Renown Health has been in the healthcare business for many years and will continue to pursue patient satisfaction and overall patient health. The continued growth in the residential community has increased vastly, allowing for more clinics to become a necessary option. Dr. McCormack will continue to ensure that they provide the best possible services along with affordable, secure, accurate and safe procedures.


Avi Weisfogel: Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea with Oral Appliances

Avi Weisfogel is a US-based medical doctor in the world of dentistry. He is also recognised among the most innovative individuals in the development of therapies associated with the treatment of the sleep apnea medical condition. As a matter of fact, he is one of the most competent business partners in this area of management. Avi Weisfogel, in 2014, developed the Dental Sleep Masters Company to help in his research into the causes and ways of treating the sleep apnea medical condition. Because this condition was growing to become one of the main causes of concern in the medical industry, he purposed to have its cure found through his founded company.

He has also worked in his company to develop high-end therapies and solutions to the sleep apnea disease. The Dental Sleep Masters Company has its primary services focused on the issuance of medical knowledge to help medical practitioners get a better understanding on how to administer these therapies to their patients throughout the world and the United States. In particular, the company has its primary focus on the development of management proposition to the disease. Because the disease remains undetected by most people suffering, it is one of the silent killer diseases in the country.

Sleep apnea, according to a recent study by the American Medical Doctors Association, is affecting more than 30 percent of the entire population in the country. As a matter of fact, the disease has made its way to becoming manifest itself among people suffering from heart attack, stroke, and some chronic illnesses including diabetes. For this reason, we might want to consider the numerous ways in which we can get this disease work without affecting the entire population through therapies associated with medical conditions and dentistry.For those who want to learn more about the solutions associated with dentistry in treating sleep apnea, there is a better solution which works for the greater benefit to all in this business and industry. The Dental Sleep Masters Company has its dedication to issue the necessary knowledge to all who are interested in understanding the major forms of the disease and all the therapies which work.

Getting Professional Work Done By Dr. Jennifer Walden

Plastic surgery is something that a lot of people know about and many people go for themselves. If you are interested in plastic surgery, it pays to get it done by a professional who has years of experience in the business. A trusted and professional surgeon will be able to talk to you and get your own opinions on what it is that you would like to get from the procedure being done. You will also find that this helps you to feel more confident knowing that you are working with a professional who knows what they are doing.

One amazing surgeon out there is known as Dr. Jennifer Walden. She is one of the top female plastic surgeons in the country and has been featured in a wide variety of magazines and television shows. A lot of people are proud to go to Dr. Jennifer Walden for any type of work that they need to get done because she is down to earth and willing to work with just about anyone who might be interested in getting these types of procedures done. Dr. Jennifer Walden has a lot of experience and education in this field and is a prime choice for anyone who might be involved.

There are a lot of reasons and benefits to going with Dr. Jennifer Walden for your own surgical needs. This expert can help tremendously and benefit you when it is time to look your best. Whether you are going for a simple face lift or you need something more intrusive, Dr. Jennifer Walden will be there for you and get the job done in a professional and efficient manner so that you can get back to life in no time at all. There are many reasons for you to think about working with a professional like Dr. Jennifer Walden, so be sure to consider her as an option for yourself so that you know that this is something that is going to be a good option for you when you need to get this done. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a prime choice for anyone who wants to look their best.

Sergio Cortes Provides a Plethora of Advice

There are a lot of doctors that work to provide a plethora of information for people that may be in need of medical attention. In Brazil the doctor that appears to have an extensive amount of research under his belt is Sergio Cortes.

What has made him a reliable resource for Brazil is all of the time that he has put into researching the various areas of medicine that a lot of other doctors may overlook. He is the State Health Secretary for Rio de Janeiro, and he has become well-known for his research in areas like orthopedics. This is his specialty, but he has a lot of interest in others things. He has become someone that is able to provide a lot of input on issues for pregnant women and diabetic patients.

Many people that want to see what his findings are on various issues will consult his blog for information. Others that are interested in an abbreviated version of his daily findings, can follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.. He has become a voice in Brazil that is worthy of your time, and many people get firsthand knowledge about new findings through his blog.

Sergio has held different positions like Medical Executive Officer and General Director for medical organizations. He has become an authority on things like hip replacements, and he continues to expand his knowledge and the knowledge of others through his research. A good number of people are going to be drawn to his findings on osteoporosis and the preventive methods that are used to stop this. Others may be interested in the mixture of more simple things like the type of clothing that has to be worn during the winter or summer months.

A ton of people that are outside Brazil have become very familiar with him. Sergio has been able to transform a lot of laughs by providing valuable information that people from all walks of life can utilize. He has spoken on many different topics over the years, but the Internet seems to be the easiest way for people outside of Brazil to acquire his findings. He has made himself readily available to people around the world by posting information that can save lives. Sergio is doing a lot of good in Brazil as a state health secretary, but the effect of his findings influence many outside of Latin America


Some things are funny; typically men have no embryos or the biological systems that are responsible for a woman getting pregnant. Dr Sergio Cortes examines how men exhibit symptoms of pregnancy alongside their female counterparts. They are more visible to men who are anxious about getting their first child and graduate to fatherhood. The symptoms are not considered of medical attention. They are also not considered a disease; they are known as couvades syndrome.
The French own the origin of the term couvades. It simply means incubate. To be more specific, it refers to keeping a set of factors that are not originally possessed. The primary symptoms associated with the syndrome nausea, dizziness, vomiting, weight gain and belly bulge. The later coincides with what happens as the child develops inside a woman’s womb. The men, therefore, can also be referred to as pregnant.
According to the medical expert Dr. Sergio Cortes, study shows that some men experience the symptoms when their wives are expectant. The most common are observed in men who are anxiously waiting for their first child. The main reason is the excitement and emotional attachment for would be fathers. Understandably, the brain may replicate the feelings of their partners.
Most men have a natural, responsive behavior. The need to be a father and the excitement triggered by it may be the cause of couvades syndrome. Sergio describes the syndrome as the demonstration of the father’s affection for his unborn child. There is scientific evidence that proves men experience an elevation in hormones during the late pregnancy of their companions. There ar5e several theories developed to explain the phenomenon. Some ascertain that the father of the unborn child may experience some physiological subversion.
Sergio Cortes is a medical expert and a doctor in Brazil. He is also the current secretary of health in the Brazilian state of Rio. He continually publishes blogs related to health matters in his personal website and other journals for the general public. Dr. Sergio is reachable on his linkedin and Twitter accounts. He is also reachable on his personal website. Among the important blogs related to health, Sergio advice on the benefits of good posture in eliminating back pain. He also explains on ideal body exercises to stay healthy.



The term couvade is of French origin and means incubate. It implies keeping a set of factors that are originally possessed. The syndrome is observed in men who have pregnant companions. Some describe the symptoms of the condition as pregnancy in men. In other places, it’s considered a taboo. The symptoms of the syndrome include dizziness, vomiting, nausea, weight gain and belly bulge.
According to Doctor Cortes, the condition is attributed to the affection of the father to the unborn child. The affection may cause an elevation of hormones causing a replication of conditions experienced by the pregnant companion. Though not familiar to everyone, the condition is mainly experienced by first-time parents who are anxious to graduate to parenthood. It’s also common to a very close couple. Since it’s a reason enough to seek medical attention, it’s not classified as a disease.
Sergio explains there are several theories that try to explain the condition. All base it to the father emotional excitement to the unborn child. In some cases, the need to consult a physician may arise if the situation becomes a nuisance to close couples. The graduation to become a father comes with a lot of excitement. When the couples are too close, the brain reacts to a hormone elevation by replicating the conditions of the pregnant companion. The syndrome is more specifically appears during the last stage of the pregnancy.
Researchers are putting more effort in understanding the syndrome. The main concentration is on the psychological subversion. The brain is known to change when dealing with the experience of being a father. It’s also understandable the joy of the new responsibility is the primary factor in the syndrome to couples that are close. Sergio also explores other the matter on other lines by arguing that the syndrome develops as a demonstration of the father’s affection for the unborn child.
The medical doctor is also the cabinet secretary for the ministry of health in the state of Rio. Sergio is also0 reachable through his LinkedIn account and Twitter accounts. The medical expert publishes blogs of relevant to the general public on health. According to Sergio, lifestyle has affected health with no little time for exercising. He constantly advises on ways to maintain a healthy life through regular exercises. The medical doctor is a business graduate from Harvard school of business.



The visit by the state secretary of health Mr. Sergio Cortes confirmed the state efforts in mitigating the effects of the floods. The Xerém residents are adversely affected by heavy floods putting the life of residents at risk. At least one hydration center is already operational and can serve more than 300 patients in a day. The health cabinet secretary confirmed the government is committed to set up more centers in the flood-hit region. The state department of health has already dispersed a surveillance team access the damage of the floods. The team is also expected to give medical supplies to the affected families.
The surveillance team will gather medical information on how to best fight the disaster. The team also has over 3000 antibiotic tablets to help reduce the risk of spreading of waterborne diseases like hepatitis. The team is also expected to treat the already infected water to make it safe for public use. Meanwhile, Dr. Cortes urged the residents to ensure they only drink safe bottled drinking water. He has also urged the donors to consider donating safe drinking water to Xerem resident in their donation.
Among other efforts put in by the federal and state government are donations of more shelters and clothing to the affected. The families need necessary government support in solidarity to help them recover from the loss resulting from the disaster. During the meeting with the local municipal health secretary, the state agreed to deliver additional calamity kits to the region. Some of the diseases that are more risky include hepatitis, chicken pox, leptospirosis, and diarrhea. The diseases spread faster in contaminated water making their control more difficult. The samples collected by the surveillance team were considered not satisfactory. The teams are therefore disinfecting the waters daily to ensure the safety of the residents.
Doctor Sergio Cortes is a medical doctor in Brazil. He is also the state secretary for heal in the state of Rio. Dr. Cortes is an enthusiastic leader with a commitment to improving the life of the community. In his blogs at his personal website, he advises on the benefits of healthy diets and regular exercises to reduce back pains. He also provides advice on the best way to compact lifestyle diseases and back pains resulting from poor sitting posture. Serge is a graduate of Harvard business school.

Doctor Sergio Cortes Release On Best Practices To Relieve Back Pain

Doctor Sergio Cortes is an experienced and qualified Doctor, who has been in the healthcare industry for more than 20 years now. Cortes has contributed so much to the health industry being the Secretary health. He has recently being nominated as the Minister of health. Cortes is a 44 years old Brazilian doctor and a father to three children.
Doctor Cortes also possesses a webpage in the social media platform, where he offers healthcare services for free.
Recently, Doctor Cortes made a publication through Sergio Cortes Oficial advising people on best exercises and activities to undertake so as to prevent and relieve back pains. Cortes implied that back pains come as a repercussion of modern technology advancements that does not encourage people to engage themselves in physical activities.
In his publication, Cortes implied that a wrong posture may result in a more serious problem if not attended to at an early stage. Doctor Sergio also emphasized the importance of stretching to avoid back pains.
Doctor Cortes, who is a good expert on healthcare matters, also advised on regular activities and posture to engage in to attain good posture. He also stated that these exercises help relieve back pain and tone muscles.
Sergio Cortes implied that many Brazilian citizens suffer from back pains due to their traditions of not engaging in physical activities. He stressed that these activities help people attain a good posture and good health.
Cortes advised that these activities such as walking, running, cycling and swimming help contribute to the wellbeing of the body. His analysis illustrated that some activities and exercises can be exercised at a home level without specialist supervision. Doctor Cortes emphasizes the importance of consulting a medical expert or an instructor to be advised the best exercise for your body.
His release stated that stretching with a bar and walking are the best activities to engage your body in. Cortes advised that walking acts as a good alternative for those who cannot attend gym sessions. Doctor Cortes explained the significance of hydration for the proper functioning of the body during walking exercise. Cortes emphasized that people with back pain problems should pay attention to these activities to attain a good body posture.
In conclusion, Sergio Cortes has always been concerned about the wellbeing of his fellow citizens. His contributions to Brazil health ministry have earned him a lot of recognitions by many organizations.

Doctor Sergio Cortes Success In The Health Industry

Sergio Cortes is a Brazilian doctor who holds a degree in surgery. Cortes graduated from Souza Marques University. Cortes is an experienced and professional in health services. Sergio focuses mostly on people’s health and welfare.
Cortes is a 44 years old doctor, happily married with three children. He has been serving as the Health Secretary since 2007.
Cortes acted as the Executive Officer of Bone Transplantation department for four years. Cortes has also worked as a medical officer of Rio de Janeiro Fire Department.
Recently, Sergio Cortes received a promotion from being a secretary of health and civil defense to be the minister of health in Rio de Janeiro. Doctor Sergio Cortes received the reward from the elected president, Rousseff. Cortes is expected to bring development and significant changes in the healthcare industry. His experience in the field will benefit the Brazilian citizens.
Sergio Cortes served as the Brazilian volleyball team doctor for nine years. From 1994 to 2000, he worked in the global volleyball federation.
Brazil country is emerging both economically and socially. Brazil will host the 2016 Olympics. These Olympics will attract many tourists into the country. Sergio Cortes concerns on health conditions of Brazilian citizens for past years have been impressive. Having an experience with the volleyball team as the medical doctor, Cortes will be the leading doctor on checking matters in the Olympics.
Brazilian healthcare industry encountered an average rank by the World Health Organization due to the commitment and hard work with the health professionals in Brazil.
Cortes commitments in the medical wellbeing of the citizens have been evidenced. Cortes organizes healthcare awareness and seminars to train people on the importance of maintaining health standards.
Cortes opened a website that expounds more on health issues and safety. He also offers advice on the eradication of diseases affecting the citizens for a strong and healthy life.
His passion for helping fellow citizens and associating with other doctors at the international level to curb deadly diseases was recently recognized by Committee of the Noble Prize. His website has also promoted awareness of health issues.
Cortes also focuses on emerging trends and issues in the health industry. He embraces technology and encourages the discovery of new drugs and medical equipment.
In conclusion, Sergio Cortes dedications and significant efforts to improve the Brazil Healthcare department have been recognized by many. Brazil will soon get a better rank position in the World Health Organization rankings.

View Dr. Sergio Cortes profile on Linkedin

Expansion Plans Released For North American Spine In Dallas

According to a release in the PR Newswire, the North American Spine announced they will be adding 4,000 square feet to their headquarters in Dallas Texas that will be workable space. This space is said to be necessary to accommodate their rapid growth. This two month project will also include space to cover future expansion plans.

Vice President of Operations, Chance McElhaney stated they need to continue to add staff in order to keep with their mission of patient care always being a top priority. This is the third expansion North American Spine has completed and it will provide space for computer programmers, account managers and financial advisers.

This third expansion is testament to North American Spine’s commitment to patient care. The growth they have experienced in the past six years is evidence that their patients are putting faith in their treatment methods of chronic pain. Jon Sasser, Director of Public Relations says it is a very exciting time for them.

The North American Spine doctors in Dallas have been performing a procedure called, The AccuraScope. This is a minimally invasive spine surgery. Doctors are able to perform the surgery in less than an hour with the use of small laser that is tinier than the tip of a mechanical pencil. This tiny laser only works on the tissue it touches, making it the best type of surgery for those suffering from tissue issues and not bone problems. One of the great advantages to this method of surgery is the patient being able to return home the same day and be immediately free of pain. Many patients are also able to return to work within a week after having surgery.

The doctors at the North American Spine are spine specialists. They have received special training in Orthopedic Spine Surgery, Interventional Pain Management and Neurosurgery. They are able to provide minimally invasive stabilization and decompression for patients to alleviate pain. PR NewsWire states research shows this procedure has an 82% success rate and saves patients over $23,000 in out-of-pocket expenses over a five year period by reducing their need for medical visits and medications.