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  • Sudhir Choudhrie: renowned Indian businessman

    Sudhir Choudhrie is a renowned Indian businessman and a prolific philanthropist who is best known as the founder of Choudhrie Holdings Limited, an influential conglomerate with interests in aviation, engineering, and power. He has committed to giving back to society by providing financial assistance to needy people in India and Africa. Sudhir Choudhrie was born […]

  • Yves Mirabaud Recap

    Yves Mirabaud is a French businessman and senior partner at the eponymous Genevan wealth manager, known for successful private equity investments. He manages wealthy individuals, families, and institutions with a net worth of billions of dollars. In an interview with, he said that Mirabaud Bank clients’ interests are more important than the need to […]

  • Roy Beck Humanitarian And Human Rights Advocate

    Roy Beck is a journalist by profession; he joined the University of Missouri School of Journalism. After graduating from the University, Roy got a chance to serve with a newspaper company, and he was among the first individuals to work with the media facility. While still working with the first environmental beat newspaper, Beck was […]

  •            Alfons Hörmann Recap

    Alfons Hörmann is a German historian and philosopher born in 1878. He was the co-founder of the German school of existential analysis. He died on November 30, 1960, at age 85. Alfons Hörmann is most known for his work “Existential Analysis,” which discusses theoretical conditions for human beings to make sense of their existences in […]

  •  Gary McGaghey Recap

    Gary McGaghey was born in a small town in England. After he graduated from university, he moved to Ireland. At the time, he had no idea what would happen next, but things turned out pretty well for him. Gary McGaghey’s Career Gary McGaghey has held many different positions throughout his career. Most of those jobs […]

  •  Brandon Taubman Insights on Data Science

    Technology is the center of business growth and development across the globe. Business leaders employ new tech trends in managing the business nowadays. Brandon Taubman is among the prominent entrepreneurs using technology in business operations. Data analytics has been the most viable method of creating responsive business mechanisms. With vast skills in business management, Brandon […]

  •  Alex A Molinaroli’s Advice to Successful Leadership

    Alex A Molinaroli is a typical definition of a corporate giant. Throughout his 34 years in the corporate world, Molinaroli has served in different levels of leadership while undertaking transatlantic projects such as expanding the company’s market space. Alex served as the control chair and CEO of Johnson Controls and played a fundamental role in […]

  •  Vijay Eswaran is a Self Made Entrepreneur

    Vijay Eswaran is a self-made man who has founded many successful brands in his 45 years. He was born in April 1963 in Malaysia, where he spent the early years. Along with his family, Vijay moved to Singapore at 15. Since then, he has been involved in forming many top businesses across Asia. With his […]

  • Randal Nardone career highlights

    Randal Nardone is a long-standing financial service expert and manager. In all the organizations he was a member of throughout the past 20 years, Randal Nardone has had a significant influence. Randal has been one of the leading managers for every business he has worked for during his career in finance. He had time with […]

  • Yves Mirabaud: A Leader in the Investment Banking Industry

    The Investment Banking Industry in Switzerland is thriving. The country’s political stability and a strong economy have made it a popular destination for investment banks. One of the essential players in the financial sector is Mirabaud Group. This article talks about Mirabaud and Yves Mirabaud, a senior managing partner. About Yves Mirabaud Yves Mirabaud earned […]