Anthony Petrello Turns Talent And Hard Work Into Business Success

Anthony Petrello is currently the CEO, president and chairman of the board of the land-based oil and gas drilling industry’s largest company, Nabors Industries Ltd. Petrello has been with the company since 1991 when he was hired as Chief Operating Officer. Over the years he has been promoted to positions of increasing importance. He became CEO in 2011 and board chairman in 2012. In 2015 Anthony Petrello’s compensation package from Nabors of $68.2 million made him America’s highest paid CEO. Not bad for a kid from a working class neighborhood in Newark, New Jersey.

Ever since he was in high school people knew Anthony Petrello’s Education was destined for greatness. He had a natural aptitude for math which he worked hard to develop and he ended up getting a scholarship to Yale. After earning his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mathematics, he went on to get his law degree from Harvard Law School. Right out of law school Anthony Petrello was hired by the well-known and internationally respected law firm Brown & McKenzie. Petrello excelled at the law firm and was soon managing partner of their Manhattan office.

It was while working at Brown & McKenzie Anthony Petrello landed on Nabors Industries radar. One of the law firm’s biggest and most important clients, Nabors Industries was impressed by Petrello’s work and offered him a position with the company. In 1991, after 12 years with Brown & McKenzie, Anthony Petrello moved to Texas to work with Nabors Industries. His natural ability combined with his intelligence and work ethic eventually led to Petrello becoming one of the company’s top executives.

During his almost 27 years at Nabors Industries, Anthony Petrello has also used his talent and experience to help other companies. He has served as Stewart & Stevenson, LLC’s director since 2011 and is also one of’s directors. Anthony Petrello also did meaningful and consistent charitable work with Texas Children’s Hospital after his daughter was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia. That included donating $7 million to their Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. Texas Children’s Hospital, Inc. recently named Anthony Petrello director.


Jason Hope Prepares the World for the Internet of Things

It takes more than just a good idea in order to establish yourself as a juggernaut in any given field. Jason Hope, successful entrepreneur and acclaimed writer, has slowly been setting himself up as THE guy to listen to when it comes to upcoming tech trends. Jason Hope claims to be a futurist and his work so far speaks to itself. Right now Hope is pointing his compass in a certain direction — toward the Internet of Things and more information click here.


The Internet of Things is an umbrella term for a truly massive tech revolution that is going on before our very eyes. The Internet of Things refers to the way with which regular items interface with the internet in our day to day lives. Consider athletic shoes that track your steps taken throughout the day. Consider public transport and the way vehicles can utilize satellite fed traffic data in order to find better routes for the passengers. This is the Internet of Things and Jason Hope believes that one day it will comprise everything, all things and contact him.


As a futurist and an entrepreneur in the tech industry it is Jason Hope’s great goal that everyone starts to really embrace the Internet of Things. This happens as more and more people opt to live and interact with smart technology. Hope rightfully points out how smart technology, i.e. The Internet of Things, can profoundly change the world in a positive way. He believes that public transit can be improved and cities can become safer than ever as an example. Hope further points to a slew of ways that the IoT can improve rural life: emergency response vehicles can be constantly updated with new GPS information, police officers can find the fastest routes, and people on the road can know to get out of the way before anyone tells them too and learn more about Jason.


In the end Jason Hope is always trying to push the envelope with his work. That is why his work at the SENS Foundation is gaining so much respect and credibility. The Internet of Things is just another extension of Hope’s willingness to push onward and upward.

Tim Armour of Capital Group

Tim Armour, the chairman and CEO of Capital Group, admits that being able to make considerable funds through investing in the right way is not impossible. While money might not be made overnight, it certainly can be made in the long term. Therefore, younger Americans need to take advantage of this situation at as young of age as possible in order to save for their golden years. Most young Americans do not believe they will be able to save for retirement in any other way and learn more about Tim Armour.

Armour is also the principal executive officer of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc. In total, he has almost 35 years of investment experience, most of which took place at Capital Group. Earlier on in his career, he covered global telecommunications and U.S. service companies as an equity investment analyst. He originally started with Capital Group as part of the company’s The Associates Program. He gained a bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College.

Tim Armour is known for giving his input on many situations. Regarding Warren Buffet’s recent wager about investment strategies, he states that this wager is both right and wrong. While the market is full of mediocre funds that are rather expensive, there are ways to go about long term investments that will make money in the end and read full article.

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Mike Baur Does Knows What it Takes to Help Entrepreneurs Maximize Their Businesses

Mike Baur may possibly be one of the most powerful resources for people in Switzerland if starting a business is what they want. He has managed to become an expert in the field of startup businesses, and he has assembled a great team of consultants and mentors. There are some mentors like Dave Baucamp and Roger Baur that can be a great resource for anyone that is venturing into the business world for the first time.


Mike Baur is a managing partner and co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory. He has a wealth of experience that is linked to his time in the banking industry. He has worked for UBS for years, and he has established himself as someone that is passionate about startup businesses. This passion is what has led him to leave the banking industry and put his time and effort into helping other people that were also passionate about startup investments.


What Mike does for most entrepreneurs is lead them in a direction that they may have never assumed that they could go in. Baur knows what it takes to get to the top because he has been someone that has worked his way to the top. He started as an apprentice. This would be during his years with the UBS company that he provided financial services. He knows the banking industry well, and this is what has allowed him to build a business better investment company.


Many people have seen what Mike Baur has been able to with his 3-month accelerator program. It is through his investor network that he has been able to help a lot of companies build a better business plan. The companies that have the best business plans are going to be the ones with the best chances of surviving. The financial advice that comes from the consultants is priceless. Entrepreneurs can build better portfolios.


It is easy to see how individuals can gain some insight when they share connection. There are times when business leaders can get together with other like-minded entrepreneurs and improve upon their own businesses. Mike Baur received his MBA from the University of Rochester. He also has an Executive MBA from the University of Bern. These are all things that have allowed him to help other business men and women build better businesses. He has managed to create some ultimate tips for starting up a business successfully.



Equities First Holdings, A First In Alternative Lending Is Changing The Loans Facilities Market

Capital is one of the primary factors of production. The USA financial market is littered with many lenders who provide the much-needed capital. Equities First Holdings is a US company providing an innovative approach to alternative funding. The debuted its operations in the year 2002 and remains keen on becoming an industry giant in the alternative capital lending space. After the 2007-2008 market crash, the Equities First Holdings is attracting clients because of the affordability of its loan products. With people accessing more information on the power of the stock markets, the company also has a new opportunity for growth by providing stock-based loans.

At the height of the financial crisis, most lenders overprice their credit facilities so as to scare away people and cap the amount of money in circulation. Equities First Holdings focuses on cushioning its customers from the effects of a financial crisis.From the year 2002, Equities First Holdings has been a provider of reliable alternative financing by giving loans that rely on a publicly traded stock as collateral. This product facilitates institutions and individuals meet their financial obligations. Capital is provided against shares that are bought and sold across the equity markets in the world. With over 700 successful facilities so far given, the company has remained a continues to be one of the best alternative loan providers.

Since loans are offered against shares in the stock markets, the lender (Equities First Holdings) has a lower risk exposure, and that is translated to lower interest rates for the consumers. If its clients are unable to service their credit facility, the company can sell their shares in the stock markets to recover their money. This model has brought flexibility into the loan facilities, attracting more customers to pick up the product.

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Equities First holding the Best Capital Provider

Equities First Holding LLC is a financial company that helps people and businesses to acquire a non-purpose capital. The company has helped countless high-net-worth clients and businesses conduct their liquidity in a transparent and secure process.With over fifteen years of operations, Equities First Holdings has managed to facilitate more than seven hundred transactions globally. The business model has attracted many clients as it facilitates funding with very low costs on capital.With their headquarters in Indianapolis, the company has managed to open offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, London, Bangkok, and Perth. Their experience and approach on non-purpose capital have allowed them to provide custom made products to fit the individual’s loan needs. They have managed to offer best financing terms compared to the traditional non-capital financing in the market.

Equities First Holdings offer their clients with straightforward transactions that allow them to access funds quickly. Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Al Christy, Jr. said the advantage of having stock-based loans allows clients to get access to financing fast and also attracts a high ratio of loan-to-value and a fixed interest rate compared to the margin loans. These aspects provide certainty during the entire transaction.

By supplying capital and offering alternative financial solutions to their clients, Equities First Holding has managed to complete transactions worth more than $1.4 billion. They have also managed to build their business around integrity and transparency and providing information to clients regarding their stock. EFH has managed to make a fortune by providing capital against the publicly traded stocks across the world.You can also meet their team: Click here.



Christopher Burch also known as Chris to his family and friends is one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. He has great interest in the technology and luxury brands and has assisted most of them grow from humble ventures into huge brands. Some of the brands he has developed include Faena Hotel + Universe, Niwahitu, Cocoon 9 and ED by Ellen DeGeneres. One of the reasons why he is good at this is because he analyzes the consumers in the various industries and understands their behaviour. He also evaluates each brand and shows them how to best take advantage of this consumer behaviour. Burch has great skills in marketing and sales and has worked in numerous industries including technology, finance, hospitality, real estate and fashion.



Burch sees a great relationship between technology and fashion; two of the largest and the fastest growing industries in the world today. He argues that to become fashionable, technology has to work with the fashion industry and to become technologically fashionable, the fashion industry requires technology. Over the years, this has been the case and that the two are expected to bring in more style and more technological advancements if they keep working together. The two complement each other and also solve challenges in each other.



According to Chris Burch, future inventions within technology and fashion will go into protecting people. Such as the Airbag for Cyclists invented by Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt. This one is meant to protect the cyclist in case of an impact and also enhances one of the limitations of the helmet since it gives better visibility. Innovations will also focus on environmental conservation particularly through saving of energy. Some of will lead to creative sources of energy such as taping energy from human movement and using it to power accessories such as watches and cell phones. Some designers will also make use of recycled materials which further conserves the environment. One such designer is Emma Whiteside who used recycled radiator copper to make a gown.



Burch has his own company; Burch Creative Capital, a venture capital firm that aims at creating value for other companies with headquarters in New York. He is also the CEO of the company. He owns a luxury brand for fashion called Tory Burch. Burch has served on the board of directors of Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation and The Pierre Hotel Co-op. He also donates to charity through organizations such as The Sumba Foundation and The Child Welfare League of China.