How ClassDojo Is Changing The Way Schools Work

ClassDojo is going to change the industry with the way parents, teaches, and students come together to create communities and a place where students can learn and gain insight from both parties. Through the help of a powerful little app, ClassDojo is going to give parents the chance to join in on their students’ academic careers and see them flourish without waiting for parent-teacher conference day once a year.

In a world where students today can lose interest because of a lack of encouragement from parents and teachers, this app can help get everybody involved. This app starts off by providing a positive and safe culture within the classroom. Teachers can encourage their students to work harder while giving them a platform to share what they have accomplished. Students can showcase to their parents through videos and photos on their portfolios that their parents can easily access through the app as well. Teachers can help keep the parents up to date through the app as well to keep them in the loop on their child’s weekly progress.

The app is great for pushing kids through the app’s unique set of awards and ways to recognize the student. For example, if a kid is shy but participates in a class project, the teacher can easily give them a virtual high-five through the app. This gives the teacher the voice to share and spread positivity in the room and give each student that sense of togetherness that their teacher is there to cheer them on.

Everybody is going to gain something from ClassDojo. The teachers have a platform to encourage students; the students feel inspired to accomplish more; the parents are brought in to the conversation, and the school overall experiences healthier and stronger upbringings the classroom ensuring a better future with students who care.