Beneful Dog Food

Beneful dog food is a type of dry dog food that is manufactured by the Purina Food Company. The food is mainly composed of chicken and beef recipes. Naturally obtained glycerin is also used to give the food variety in its texture. The glycerin helps retain the crunchiness of the crunchy kibbles and maintain the softness of the tender kibbles. The variety makes pups enjoy the meal. Moreover, no natural sugars are used in manufacturing Beneful Puppy Food.

Meaning of Beneful

The term Beneful denotes the word beneficial. The food is described as highly nutritional and beneficial to the dogs. It has many flavors and is healthy for consumption. Moreover, its quality is highly monitored in Purina Company laboratories. There is competent onsite staff that checks the product before it is released in the market. The staff mainly check for the nutritional value as well as the safety of the food. There are also comprehensive food quality programs in Purina to ensure food quality is always checked.

The innovation of new lines of products and improvement of the old products is also critical in Purina Company. Innovation helps the manufacturers to incorporate the pet owners’ suggestions in Beneful. Moreover, it helps in keeping the dogs delightful and the customers happy.