Andy Wirth Helps Veterans Through Special Warfare Warrior

Recent drought conditions nearly brought the California ski industry to its knees. The unseasonable weather patterns resulted in a small amount of snowfall due to the lack of moisture.

Squaw Valley Resort CEO Andy Wirth was interviewed on KCRW’s Press Play With Madeline Brand to speak about the recent drought that gripped the industry over the last few seasons.

Brand revealed that in an effort to conserve, California water usage fell about 27 percent in June. And a recent poll revealed that residents are more concerned about are drought conditions more than any other issue. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

When asked about the how the dry conditions affected the ski industry, Wirth responded that the past winter was pretty tough. The area was hit by what Stanford meteorologists define as the ridiculously resilient ridge — a weather system that prevented low pressure systems from entering the mountain region.

Despite the drought, Wirth said his resort made out better than he imagined. There was a drop in visitors of about 20 percent.  Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

Wirth said that his resort could theoretically withstand a number of winters of drought if forced to do so. Squaw Valley’s business structure is solid, and as long as they continue to be profitable, there is no reason to panic. The key is taking advantage of the situation you’re faced with, according to Wirth.

The good news is that meteorologists are predicting El Nino conditions. This should bring plenty of storms and an excellent snow season.

Andy Wirth assured listeners that Squaw Valley will be okay. “Even if we have 4,000 acres of skiing opposed to 6000, we should still have a great ski season.”

Andy Wirth is a pretty tough businessman. He is also a sportsman who does a lot of daring things that many would shy away from. About two years ago, he had a terrible skydiving accident that ripped his arm off. This is something that nearly ended his life. But he looked at it as another challenge.

Thankfully, Andy Wirth has a good support system that helped him through his ordeal. While undergoing physical therapy, he befriended a group of Navy Seals training in the area. He was able to form a support group that supports the Navy Seal Foundation, which supports veterans and their families.

Wirth admits that the stories of these brave men have helped him on his journey to recovery.

Andy Wirth On The Importance Of Clean Power

Andy Wirth is known more for his hotel and mountain resort endeavors than for promoting environmental consciousness. This perception is likely to change thanks to the op-ed he wrote for the The Reno-Gazette Journal. The subject of the op-ed is clean power. More specifically, the work delves into the reasons why clean power is helpful to the environment and the economy. Wirth does put forth a logical argument for the expansion of clean power and the text makes a host of valid points.

The op-ed notes that the Reno City Council passed the “Clean Power Plan” with the hopes of moving away from coal power and the burning of “dirty” fuel. Cleaner power from solar, wind, biofuels, and others is preferable not only due to the improved environmental impact, but also because cleaner fuel is becoming more preferable in the modern economic landscape.

Wirth has pointed out that a host of companies are moving towards clean energy. Again, the changing economic landscape is contributed to their decision to do so. Companies are better served by being forward-thinking and innovative as opposed to working against changing approaches to energy use.

Not everyone is sold on the idea of switching to clean energy and Wirth does attempt to make a compelling argument regarding why people and businesses should embrace alternative energy. Many see decisions about clean power as being political. Wirth stresses that issues surrounding clean power are apolitical. Again, the notion that economies should switch to clean power as being the wise and correct move to make in the present economic landscape.

Who is Andy Wirth and what is his background? Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and has contributed greatly to the growth of the tourist industry in the state. His success in the business world has been incredibly pronounced and sustained. Wirth is also known for his environmental activism so his insights in the op-ed are not surprising. What some might not know is Wirth was seriously injured in a skydiving accident that nearly took his life. Wirth went through a long and arduous recovery process. In the aftermath of his recovery, Wirth started to raise funds for the NAVY Seal Foundation, a charitable organization to help those members of the special forces returning home from duty.

Thanks to Andy Wirth’s high profile, the op-ed likely will attract a lot of attention. Perhaps it will change a few opinions as well.

Andy Wirth Is Great For Reno

Many businesses in Reno, Nevada, have made the first steps toward businesses that rely less on dirty energy, and only on clean, “green” sources of energy for the business. The Clean Power Plan is what the plan has been named, and it does not require much change by any of the businesses at any one point in time. The Clean Power Plan is set forth to take place over a number of years, as any transition to new sources of energy is difficult for any business to do.

Mr. Andy Wirth is the chairman of the Reno Airport Authority Board which is over the Clean Power Plan. Mr. Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley, one of the most popular ski resorts in the United States of America. It is actually estimated to be the sixth most popular ski resort. Mr. Wirth has helped Squaw Valley grow to the size that it is today, although it has always been a top-notch ski resort in the States.

Andy Wirth was born in West Germany and grew up in the United States. Mr. Wirth attended Colorado State University and graduated in 1983. He worked at Steamboat, a large ski resort company, and did very well there. He was named the CEO of Squaw Valley in only 2010.

The Clean Power Plan is going to actually attract more business to Reno because more companies in the future will want to travel to a city where there are already established clean energy systems. Reno is the first of many cities to start moving forward in the push for green energy.

Any businesses in the city of Reno do not have to make the change, but businesses are encouraged to start implementing green sources of energy if at all possible.

Source: Reno Gazette-Journal