Felipe Montoro Jens and the Latest Initiative Taken by Brazilian Government for the Improvement of Sanitation

The Brazilian Government has taken the initiative where they have partnered with the BNDES or National Bank for Economic and Social Development to offer concession to private organizations to offer their services. The government is seeking to draft contracts to be utilized for hiring private companies who can provide their services at the concession. The President of Trata Brasil, Edison Carlos, in an interview, discussed the relevant clauses associated with this partnership. He believes that the initiative will allow the government to provide better services to its people through better management and improved infrastructure.


Felipe Montoro Jens was another interviewee with Edison who talked about the impact of the partnership on the levels of waste in the country. The country has been suffering from waste problems since there is no proper infrastructure available for it. With the private initiative working together with the public organizations will offer greater service to the people by working together. Since the private companies have better resources that can be used only with the concession from the government. Felipe Montoro Jens also mentioned that it was important to keep the cost of the operations in mind when it comes to the performance of the companies for the people of the nation.


Felipe Montoro Jens is a specialist working in the infrastructure and investment industry. Over the years, he has worked directly with many top companies in Brazil and helped in their growth which in turn has made Brazil an investment hub.


It is due to his passion for his work that Felipe Montoro Jens is able to lend his expertise to the companies that he worked with. His leadership skills are another factor that companies are willing to hire him anytime. He has succeeded in all of the projects that has undertaken and has a strong successful record.

Flavio Maluf and the Eucatex Group Doing Incredible Things For the Environment

The Eucatex Group has been making quality furniture using eucalyptus. Asides, the Brazilian company also makes construction and packaging materials like paints and varnishes. They produce high-end toys. That’s on top of owning a forest full of seedlings. From the word go the company set out to transform into the world’s number one environmental friendly business and it surely has lived up to that noble objective. Today, the establishment boasts of winning several top accolades and certifications from the leading environmental agencies. These include an ISO 14001 and the FSC Certification.


The group started operations in 1951, Eucatex has continued to grow by incredible gains. All that has been possible courtesy of the efficient strategies made by the chairman of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf,


About Flavio Maluf


Mr. Maluf is a mechanical engineer by trade, but he’s taken over the Brazilian financial world by storm. In the last two decades alone, the 55-year-old capitalist has built and run several multi-million dollar worth business ventures like GrandFood and Eucatex.


The company has towered high above their closest peers and competitors owing to their positive attributes. Mr. Maluf inherited this business from his father, and that trend will go on long after Maluf, hopefully. Therefore, the legendary South American makes it his first prerogative to treat his patrons like royalty. All the products, from the eucalyptus wood partitions, doors, and wooden fiber plates.


Family Business


The year was 1987 when the young Flavio Maluf having completed his college education took up a middle-level job at Eucatex Group. For ten long years, he remained patient and learned all he possibly could on the job under the wings of the then president of the company, his uncle.


Expansion Plans


Flavio officially took over the company in 1996. Under his guidance and lead, Eucatex transformed from a local brand to a global brand thanks to the marketing capabilities of Maluf. They now have supply contracts in close to 40 nations. In 2014, they reported a growth of thirty percent and their profits have never looked more impressive. A few years ago, the firm broke ground on the construction project of their new branches in Sao Paul.