Cassio Audi’s Accomplishments as a Metal Music Drummer

Cassio Audi is a well-known professional in Brazil’s finance industry. He is an excellent consultant and has served public and private firms, multi-billions organizations, startups, and private equity funds. Audi is proficient in financial management, business planning, decision support, IPOs, resource management, investor relations, and fundraising. He is devoted to offering outstanding services to all the clients that hire him.

Besides being successful in finance, Cassio is an excellent musician. He kicked off his music career in the mid-1980s by playing drums for Viper, which was a renowned metal band in Brazil. Audi was a member of the group until 1989. During his time as a drummer at Viper, he wrote one song that was featured on an album that was called Soldiers of Sunrise. Cassio has excellent skills that made him be celebrated by heavy metal fans across the country. He is recognized as one of the people who helped in popularizing the genre in Latin America. The Viper band recruited him when he was still a teenager, and he played drums for nine years. Audi’s career in finance blossomed after a few years, and this forced him to leave the band.

The Viper group appreciated Audi for being a major contributor to its growth. He participated in the recording of the band’s first demo and its first two albums. The last contributions that he made were in the Soldiers of Sunrise album. Cassio left the band one year after the launch of the album. His career as a heavy metal drummer was inspired by Iron Maiden, which is a British band. The music that was released by Viper was loved by most people in Brazil. Their best album was Soldier of Sunrise, and it was popular in the late 1980s. Cassio Audi still loves singing even though he quit his music career.

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