Some things are funny; typically men have no embryos or the biological systems that are responsible for a woman getting pregnant. Dr Sergio Cortes examines how men exhibit symptoms of pregnancy alongside their female counterparts. They are more visible to men who are anxious about getting their first child and graduate to fatherhood. The symptoms are not considered of medical attention. They are also not considered a disease; they are known as couvades syndrome.
The French own the origin of the term couvades. It simply means incubate. To be more specific, it refers to keeping a set of factors that are not originally possessed. The primary symptoms associated with the syndrome nausea, dizziness, vomiting, weight gain and belly bulge. The later coincides with what happens as the child develops inside a woman’s womb. The men, therefore, can also be referred to as pregnant.
According to the medical expert Dr. Sergio Cortes, study shows that some men experience the symptoms when their wives are expectant. The most common are observed in men who are anxiously waiting for their first child. The main reason is the excitement and emotional attachment for would be fathers. Understandably, the brain may replicate the feelings of their partners.
Most men have a natural, responsive behavior. The need to be a father and the excitement triggered by it may be the cause of couvades syndrome. Sergio describes the syndrome as the demonstration of the father’s affection for his unborn child. There is scientific evidence that proves men experience an elevation in hormones during the late pregnancy of their companions. There ar5e several theories developed to explain the phenomenon. Some ascertain that the father of the unborn child may experience some physiological subversion.
Sergio Cortes is a medical expert and a doctor in Brazil. He is also the current secretary of health in the Brazilian state of Rio. He continually publishes blogs related to health matters in his personal website and other journals for the general public. Dr. Sergio is reachable on his linkedin and Twitter accounts. He is also reachable on his personal website. Among the important blogs related to health, Sergio advice on the benefits of good posture in eliminating back pain. He also explains on ideal body exercises to stay healthy.



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