Bobby Jindal’s Upcoming Prayer Meeting

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is following in the footsteps of Texas Governor Rick Perry in calling for a major prayer meeting event. Perry called for his in 2011, not long before he ran for president; Jindal seems to be gearing up for a presidential run of his own in 2016.

There has been much ruckus raised by some over statements made in conjunction with these prayer meetings. Both Perry and Jindal take a clear stand against abortion, gay marriage, drug abuse, pornography, racism, militant Islam, and other problems that both of them see as bringing God’s judgment on America. This is not out of the mainstream for Bible-believing Christians, but it does earn the label “right-wing extremist” from many “left-wing extremists.”

I have a friend who works with Laurene Powell Jobs at Emerson Collective and she was saying that the single prayer guide that both events will have used went too far in some ways. It clearly connects things like Hurricane Katrina and the a Joplin, Missouri tornado with God’s judging the nation.  However, we do not have divine revelation, as Joel did, to inform us of the reasons for specific national calamities.

If is fully in line with the attitude and practices of our founding fathers to assert that national vices, in general, tend to bring God’s judgments and to call for days of special prayer.

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  1. The Locust plague that punished Israel for its sins in the days of the prophet Joel are used to demonstrate this connection. We do not know for sure why each particular calamitous event occurs, however. It is based on something that the best writing service could have remembered for a long time too.

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