Bernardo Chua’s Success In Multi-Level Marketing

Born in the Philippines, Bernardo Chua has extensive experience in multi-level marketing. For many years, the executive worked for Gano Excel in the Philippines. Through his transformative leadership, he was able to expand the company’s operations to Canada, Hong Kong and later, to the United States.

Owing to his success with Gano Excel Philippines, Chua was promoted to serve as the president of the company’s USA office.

Gano Excel marketed different products that were made using ganoderma. These items included food products, instant coffee and capsules. Over the years, Chua has been introducing people to the benefits of ganoderma. This poly pore mushroom has medicinal value. He contends that direct selling is the ideal business model for promoting ganoderma products.

Owing to his Chinese heritage, Bernardo was able to learn more about the benefits of ganoderma at a young age. Over the years, this herb has been greatly used in China and other countries in the Asian continent. He is credited for being one of the first persons to successfully market ganoderma using teas and coffees outside Asia. He posits that direct selling is a sure way of growing one’s business in a competitive market.

In the Pacific Rim, Bernardo Chua ranks as one of the leading entrepreneurs. Over the years, different organizations have recognized his contribution in the society. He has been the recipient of the revered Dangal ng Bayan Award for industry and Business. The joint 22nd Annual People’s Choice and National Consumers Quality Awards presented the prize to Chua.

In addition, the renowned National Shoppers Choice recognized Organo Gold as one of the leading direct selling corporations under the competitive food supplements section. On five different occasions, Chua has been honored with the industry-revered “Direct Sales Company of the Year” award. Learn more about Bernardo Chua: and

Chua is the proprietor of Organo Gold. This corporation has succeeded in selling ganoderma-related products to the populace. Based in Canada, the company has a competitive edge given that the country is known to have strict guidelines on how entrepreneurs can run their businesses.

Bernardo works closely with the leading producers of ganoderma in the globe. In his twitter account, Chua interacts with his followers by discussing about different current and health-related topics.


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