Benefits of Beneful

Healthy with a side of happy is Beneful’s mantra, and that is good news for Rover. With great ingredients such as meat and vegetables, you can be sure that your furry friend is getting all of the nutrients he needs. There are many varieties of dog food to choose from, but Beneful leads the pack in more ways than one.


Salmon is not a common dog food ingredient, but Beneful’s dry dog food makes the fish front and center in one of their dry food varieties. Sweet potatoes, green beans and carrots accent the Omega-3 rich meal that your pup is sure to love. For more finicky animals, there is a wet version as well. You can see the wholesome ingredients as soon as you pour them into the bowl, so you can be certain you are buying on Wal-Mart the best.


For pooches having trouble with their weight, Beneful makes a dry food with chicken that helps manage that particular problem. It contains apples, green beans and carrots for a shiny coat and happy pup. There are ten percent fewer calories than the normal package, so no need to worry about unnecessary pounds being packed on. With so many varieties to choose from, Rover is sure to find something he loves!


Beneful also offers treats made of the same great ingredients as their food. Three types of dental twists will keep your pup’s mouth clean and healthy. Whenever Rover is a good boy, you can feel great giving him one of these beneficial snacks. Made with chicken, rice and peanut butter flavoring, your pup will be begging for these sticks every night.


Whether you are looking for puppy chow, a nightly treat or some wet food for your furry friend, you can find it at Feel good treating Rover to a healthy meal without blowing your budget. Happy with a side of healthy with Beneful.

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