Back Pain Relief with Sergio Cortes

This article, provided by Sergio Cortes Offical, lists the different ways that back pain can be an issue for people who use technology and people who rely on it in their daily lives. Dr. Sergio Cortes recognizes that technology plays a major role in today’s society and even relies heavily on it himself. He also recognizes that technology can cause back pain, along with other issues. This back pain is something that can easily be dealt with and relieved by changing posture and working on different exercises to ensure that patients are working the right types of muscles they need to use a computer.

Some of the exercises that can be done to relieve this back pain include Pilates and yoga. These are two great exercise plans for anyone. Nearly everyone can do the low impact that is provided by these. They work muscles and can help the people who do them create a balance in their life along with in their body. While walking and cycling are great options, they may cause more back pain that could be detrimental to healing. Swimming is a great exercise because it is low impact and it can be done by many different people despite lower skill levels.

Sergio Cortes is a doctor who practices general medicine. He has his own practice in which he sees a variety of patients on a daily basis. He has worked with patients who have many different issues and considers himself to be proficient in most of the issues that he has seen in his office. This is because he does his research. When he is not able to treat an illness or other malady, he refers the patient to someone who is better qualified or who has the right tools to be able to provide treatment.

Since Dr. Sergio Cortes has seen many different issues in the patients at his practice, he has learned a lot about many different things. This is a result of the research it requires and he is able to consistently build up his knowledge about injuries and illness. Cortes has a blog that he posts on frequently to talk to patients about ways they can help themselves. While he works to ensure that patients are taken care of in his practice, he is dedicated to making them feel better without a trip to the doctor by using tips on his blog.

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