Award Winning Cosmetic Surgery Now at Your Fingertips

Quickly becoming on of the most popular names in the medical field Dr. Jennifer Walden is receiving accolades across the country. She is one of the nations up and coming plastic surgeons that has had tremendous success but also approaches the industry from a slightly different perspective.

Admittedly, she states in an article from MD Monthly that cosmetic plastic surgery has gotten a bad wrap due to the less than desirable results we have seen on television and in the media. She states that the people she see in her practice are normal, down to earth, everyday people.

In an impressive explanation of the value of cosmetic surgery Dr. Walden cites some cases the have benefited from the practice that you might not expect. Listing examples such as a young man with a hump on his nose that caused him certain insecurity or a younger woman with extremely large breasts that can actually lead to intense physical pain.

Dr. Walden begin her medical pursuits at a young age and had a natural attraction the the sciences. Her parents were in the medical and dental field and she was no stranger to the reality of providing medical services to people on a day to day basis.
A native of Austin, TX she moved to Manhattan where she worked where she was mentored by the famed Dr. Sherryll Aston.

Despite being greatly outnumbered as a female in her profession she has launched the outstanding Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center in addition to be named one of Harper Bazaar’s 24 best beauty surgeons of 2014. With compassion, a dedication to excellence and impeccable results she is vastly becoming the most sought after plastic surgeons in the country.


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