Arturo Stays Active Because Of Beneful Playful Life Dog Food

I have a Russell Terrier and his name is Arturo. Arturo is a very active, alert, and bold dog. The reason that Arturo is so active is not only because of his breed but because of the fact that he eats Beneful dog food daily that allows him to stay active. The specific type of Beneful dog food that Arturo eats to keep him active daily is Beneful playful life. Arturo gets more energy to be active when eating Beneful playful life because it not only is made with real beef but also is made with eggs to for extra protein. Arturo also eats Beneful dog treats []. Arturo eats Beneful dental twists to keep his teeth clean and shiny. Luckily for me, I don’t have to worry about Arturo’s breath smelling because Beneful does not cause his breath to smell like other dog foods on Wal-Mart supermarket do. Arturo also eats 2 other types of Beneful dog treats that are baked delights snackers and baked delights heartfuls. Arturo loves both baked delights snackers and baked delights heartfuls because they not only have a huge burst of flavor in every bite but they also don’t cause him to fart like other dog treats do. I am very thankful that sense being on Beneful dog food and Beneful dog treats Arturo not only has been even more active and healthy but he has also started farting less and enjoying life more. When Arturo gets older I plan on switching the type of food that I give him. The type of food that I plan on switching Arturo too is Beneful originals in the salmon flavor and this is only because when he gets older I don’t think it will be as necessary for him to have all kinds of energy because it could cause him to have sore bones all the time from trying to keep up with all the energy he would have. I hope that Beneful knows that they make the best dog food out there and that they have a lot of happy customers including me and Arturo. It would be hard to come across a great dog food nowadays if Beneful was not on the market. Good thing it is available on Amazon too!

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