And She Saw Her Newborn Babe

Living a life legally blind is just as difficult as if you are blind. Maybe even a bit more frustrating. You can see only images not details up close. Well a new Mother that was legally blind was able to see her newborn because of special glasses loaned to her by a company called eSight. The eSight Corporation loaned Kathy Beltz the glasses the day her baby arrived for the day. She was even able to fill out the birth certificate. She was able to try on the eSight glasses around her fifth month.

Her sister Yvonne Felix who is also legally blind had the chance to see herr six year old and two month for the first time but had not been able to see them when they were first born. She wanted her sister to be able to see her newborn child and have that memory that she did not have the chance to have.

The eSight Corporation have created these glasses for the legally blind but the cost is $15,000 for them.From what Sergio Andrade Gutierrez understands,  the glasses use a camera, real time video, and computing technology to aid the person to see. While wearing them you can also focus and zoom and alter what you are focused on.

Felix has started a funding project called Make Blindness History. Her goal is for every person that needs a pair, to be able to have them.

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