After Three Years an Injured Teenage is Able to Speak Again

When Grace Yeats of Carterton in New Zealand was 10, she lost the ability to speak and move. She has a rare brain illness called basal ganglia necrosis. Grace Yeats has been hospitalized at Starship Children’s Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand. Recently, the young girl underwent brain surgery that had restored her ability to speak on Saturday. Her parents, Tracy and Stephen Yeats, are grateful that their daughter is able to speak again. They’re supplied her with affordable hearing aid accessories and know that full recovery is a long way off, but this miracle gives the Yeats family plenty of hope that a full recovery could come. The young teen’s psychologist,Kirsty Ross, notices even though the girl isn’t able to walk, her body control is improving.

Prior to this strange illness, the 13-year-old was once able to play hockey and rugby before she suddenly acquired this unusual brain illness. People knew the young girl as a quiet girl with a dry sense of humor. She was a 4th grade student at St Mary’s School. One day, Grace Yeats had arrived home from school with a headache. Her parents took her to a hospital in Masterton before she was transferred to Starship last week for emergency surgery. Her parents held a bedside vigil for three years. The Ronald McDonald House and public and private contributors are helping with the Yeats family medical bills for their daughter. She has a give a little page.

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