Advantages of Being an NBA Team Owner like Bruce Levenson

It is imperative to note that for one to be an NBA owner, he or she will have to part with huge amounts of money. The best part of being an NBA owner is that one makes money while selling the franchise. Most of the sellers of the NBA teams have received profits when selling their franchises. Further, being an NBA owner has immense benefits in the sense that one is able to be recognized thus boosting other parts of one’s business empire. NBA Team owners having business that they want to grow receive immense exposure through their NBA teams. Being an NBA team owner makes an individual famous and known among the populace of the country.
NBA owners are renowned around the globe because most of them have established businesses and lead various corporations. NBA team owner, Levenson, is known owing to his ownership of the NBA team, Atlanta Hawks. He has been the controlling owner of the basketball franchise since 2004, when Atlanta Spirit LLC purchased the team. Atlanta Spirit LLC is an enterprise owned by seven individuals. Levenson has served as the representative for the management team of the Atlanta Hawks. He has been the driving force that has ensured that Atlanta Hawks becomes a force to reckon with in the NBA championship.
Bruce Levenson is an American Businessman who was born in Washington D.C. He grew up in Chevy Chase Maryland and attended college at the prestigious Washington University. Levenson is also a completed his law degree from the American University. It is while at law school that Levenson started comprehending the business world. He would attend school during the day and write for the Washington star during the night.
In 1977, Levenson co-founded United Communications Group (UCG) with his friend, Ed Peskowitz. Initially, UCG started as a newsletter focusing on providing information regarding the oil industry from a simple apartment but today, the corporation has grown to be a huge private business. The company went on to acquire other newsletters and in the process, launched various databases. Through his stewardship, the company now offers data analysis, and news for the energy, healthcare, and mortgage banking. This is in addition to telecommunications and technology services.
Levenson is also a founding board member of TecTarget. He has served as the director of the company since its incorporation in 1999. The enterprise was a spin out from UCG. He stepped down from his position of as a director of the corporation in 2012 with the view to focusing on other ventures. Levenson has also served in other boards that include being an adviser to BIA Digital Partners. He was inducted in the Hall of Fame owing to his work with United Communications Group in the Software and Information Industry.
Apart from the business ventures, Levenson supports a number of activities. He is passionate and active when it comes to supporting organizations. Some of the organizations that he supports include The Community Foundation of Washington D.C and the Hoop Dreams Foundation. In addition, Levenson has been supporting charities that deal with making education available to inner city children.

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