Adam Milstein Presides Over “Inspired By Israel”

Real estate investor and philanthropist Adam Milstein is pleased to help run the 2017 “Inspired by Israel” event, a joint effort between the Milstein Family Foundation, 12Tribe Films and StandWithUs Foundation. The contest has been going on for several years and the purpose is to encourage people to use their video production skills in showing solidarity for Israel. Adam Milstein’s wife Gila is on the panel of judges who will narrow down 80 contestants to 10 finalists and will select the winner based on how inspiring the message is as well as how many votes people have given it. The general public can visit to vote on any video they like. There will be $20,000 in prize money given out with the ultimate Grand Prize being $8,000.


Adam Milstein got into real estate investing about 35 years ago when he and David Hager founded Hager Pacific Properties. As Managing Partner of this company, Milstein has been overseeing property management of their commercial and residential lots across California, Illinois, Texas and a recent addition in Wisconsin. The company has billions in assets under management and Milstein has helped procure financing for acquisitions and brokering deals between clients and those leasing properties.


Prior to his real estate investing career, Adam Milstein was both a military veteran and a construction worker in his father’s building framing business in Israel. He’s the oldest of three sons that were born in Israel a few years after his parents moved there in 1948. His military duty from 1971 to 1974 included fighting in the Yom Kippur War including bringing about the surrender of Egypt. After coming home from the war he worked a few years in building framing and also studied at the Technion Institute. Several years after completing his bachelor’s degree he received his master’s from USC and began in real estate.


Adam Milstein has been married to Gila Milstein since 1974 and is also a father of three daughters. He and Gila started their foundation in 2000 and have since been embracing the pillars of active philanthropy, path life impact and philanthropic synergy. Much of their work involves helping families learn Hebrew through a program they started and speaking at different forums about the importance of US and Israel relations. Pro-Israel foundations they’re active in include the Hasbara Fellowships, Students Supporting Israel, Hillel International, Israeli-American Council, StandWithUs, AIPAC and Jerusalem U.

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