Adam Goldenberg helps to create a new kind of Online Fashion Experience with JustFab

When you think about the kind of person that would launch a fashion company you might think of a successful fashion model or maybe a former designer. However, it is often the folks who you least expect to thrive in an industry who are the ones who manage to have the most impact. Case in point is the story of JustFab. This company wasn’t started by some famous model or by a group of designers. No, this popular online fashion retail brand was launched by a guy named Adam Goldenberg and his business partner Don Ressler.

Adam Goldenberg’s journey to become a co-founder and co-CEO of JustFab is quite interesting. He seems to have harbored an entrepreneurial spirit since the earliest of days. He began his very first company, called Gamers Alliance, when he was only 15 years old. This was not just a fly-by-night website, though, as he sold it to the parent company of MySpace, Intermix Media, three years after he started it. After this success, Goldenberg quit high school and ventured out on his own. He became the VP of Strategic Planning for Intermix at that point. Adam was ultimately promoted to the role of COO for Intermix at 20 years old.

During his time with the company, Adam Goldenberg met Don Ressler on Don was an expert at starting up new businesses and building brands. He had sold a startup company to Intermix as well. These two became friends. Not long after, Intermix was bought by New Corporation. Adam Goldenberg and Don decided to start their own company at this point. They had a vision of online shopping that had not been used before. By combining online socialization and the best fashion – both at amazing prices – they came up for what would be a massive success and online retail game changer.

The pair had a goal to make online fashion as fun, engaging and socially oriented as it could be. They expanded on their existing company, Intelligent Beauty to create a new approach to online fashion shopping at They hired fashion consultants, top designers and bundled all their ideas together using online subscriptions to attract members to their new website. Long story short, this website became JustFab. Members get to choose bags, shoes and fashion accessories that they love, and pay a monthly fee to do so. The site has millions of members and has led to several successful offshoots. Adam Goldenberg has shown that with the right ideas, the right people and a vision for a new way to do things in business that anything is possible.

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