Actress Kate Hudson Gets Into Fashion With Fabletics


There are celebrities that have the charm to sell just about anything. They don’t have to spend a lot of time advertising. They don’t have to do a lot of work trying to connect with potential buyers through social media. Sometimes their celebrity status is enough to help them boost sales. That may be the case with Kate Hudson. She is the beautiful blonde that keeps it light in romantic comedies, and this has made her a household name among many. She is planning to take this celebrity status to the bank in a huge way with the Fabletics clothing store as she sets to open up to 100 stores in the next several years.

This is very interesting for fans of Hudson because they have been getting acquainted with the clothing line through the website. It has been reported that more than 800,000 items are sold a month through the eCommerce traffic on the Fabletics website, and the traffic continues to grow. A lot of the women that are visiting the site are talking about the clothing line of cute tops and workout gear.

One thing that makes it easy to attract customers is the name and the commitment to the business. This isn’t something that just has the Kate Hudson name alone. To the contrary, this is a website that actually has Kate Hudson in clothes on the site. She is actively modeling these different garments, and that is what makes the consumers take interest. When they see that this is something that a celebrity might wear it becomes a lot more appealing.

Hudson knows this because the history of celebrity-based clothing is there. This is especially true for women. Kim Kardashian has a clothing line that is very popular. J.Lo has a clothing line. There are countless others that have ventured into this and they have been quite successful. That is the great transition that many celebrities go into as they get older.

There are only so many albums and movies that a person can do in their lifetime. They have to transition into something that will help them sustain the wealth. Fabletics got off to a rocky star, but the level of customer service has improved so much. This improves customer service – coupled with the Kate Hudson name – is bound to make this a great business. The fashion world is also changing and more stores are a sign that Fabletics is changing with the times. The trendy clothes are coming to a store near you, and this is going to attract even more customers. Lots of people go to the website, but physical stores will open up business to a whole new crowd. You’ve also got to check them out on Instagram. Love it!

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