A Few Facts About Bernardo Chua You Should Know

Bernardo Chua is not a strange name in the multi-level marketing circles. He founded Organo Gold in 2008 and has in a recent couple of years been involved in spreading the knowledge of Ganoderma to the different corners of the world and partnering with people while at that. His business model is well known for being effective, and one of the best network distribution systems that ensure that every dollar earned is shared by involved Organo family members.

Recently, Bernardo opened a new Organo Turkey office, and it marked the 39th country in which the company has branches. Speaking after opening the office, he was optimistic that the office would play a very integral role in allowing better operations as well as providing a platform for customers and distributors to be served.

The move to Turkey was seen by many as a natural one owing to the fact that the country has a wide reputation for its love for coffee. Back in the history books, it was the first country ever to open a coffee house in the 15th century. However, Organo hoped that with their natural thirst for coffee, Turkish citizens would warmly welcome its portfolio of products because of their healthy benefits.

Bernardo has been very instrumental in spearheading the company to become a global leader in all matters related to making products that come accompanied by a variety of healthy benefits and giving distributors a chance to make a living. He is also a firm believer in teamwork and empowering others.

In the Pacific Rim, he is considered one of the most successful businesspeople and has even been recognized with a few awards. He has been honored in five different award ceremonies with the ‘Direct Sales Company of The Year’ recognition as a result of his exemplary leadership.

Because he has been able to establish his company as a global brand, his focus is now centered on refining the business as much as possible so that it can become better. When he was setting up his business model, he saw the need to incorporate ordinary people through direct selling and the idea made the company grow tremendously within a short duration of time and from the humble beginnings at the Philippines, it was able to spread to other parts of the world.

Currently, the company is based in Canada, and it has more than a million distributors from around the globe. The company strives to always focus and stay ahead of the competition precisely the reason it has been experiencing tremendous growth over the years. Chua is of the firm belief that being based in Canada gives many customers the piece of mind when buying its products because the country has very strict guidelines and regulations in place.

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