A Boy’s Last Birthday Wish


The Everson family located in Graham, Washington are calling out to the public for a favor in regards to their ill son, Bubby. Bubby is about to turn 9 years old on February 11th and the family is treating it as if it is the last one they will ever have with him. The doctors have told his parents that his time on Earth is limited, so they are doing everything they possibly can to make his days a little brighter. His mother told the news reporter that Bubby just loves to get all kinds of mail, even junk mail, and she believes that it would give him the best birthday ever to get postcards and letters from all over the world. However his favorite thing to get is stickers, as he has a huge collection that he is allowed to put anywhere he wants in his room.

Bubby has a condition called Cytomegalovirus, or CMV. Normally it is not a life threatening condition however in some cases the damage could be extensive. According to an article found on reddit and published by Fox 13 News, his symptoms could eventually include deafness, autism, cerebral palsy, and epilepsy. According to Dave Morin most of his days, Bubby spends them in a wheelchair and can have up to 10 seizures a day during one of his worst days. If you would like to help this little boy’s birthday wish come true by sending him some mail, you can write to him at:

Bubby Everson
PO BOX 1142
Graham, Washington 98338

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