5 Ways Exercise Is Good For Your Mental Health

The physical attributes of exercise are obvious but there are also mental benefits as well. Here are five different ways exercise can enhance your mental health.

Mood Elevator

Exercise done on a regular basis can increase your energy and improve your mood. Medical professionals aren’t exactly certain why this is, but it is recommended to improve one’s mood.

Preserves Mental Sharpness

When dealing with a bit mental block, trouble focusing on the task at hand. It may be best to take a break from the task and get some exercise. Doing so can increase brain function almost instantly. With positive effects of your ability for decision making, learning new information, and planning ahead.

Preserves The Longevity Of Cognitive Functions

Studies show that exercise on a regular basis keeps your mind’s judgement and learning abilities astute. It was also proven that it could help counteract the effects of Alzheimer’s for those in their later years.


Our ability for mental recall seems to wane with age. With regular physical activity you can see an improvement in your memory over time. That is why Mikal Watts tries to stay fit. Studies conducted and posted on Wikipedia shows a direct correlation between regular exercise and mental recall.

Gets The Creative Juices Flowing

Dealing with a creative block and in desperate need to get the juices flowing. Try some strength training or a long run. Studies conducted prove that a few hours of exercise can help tap into your creativity.

Remember you are never too old and it’s never too late to get healthy with physical activity and the mental benefits are their own reward.

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